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5 Best Swimmable Beaches in Cabo

DESTINATION | Published on 05/10/2020
Optimizada los cabos swimmable beach

At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, which can create strong waves and currents, but this doesn’t mean that ocean swimming in Los Cabos is impossible. It just means you need to know the answer to the question, “what beaches can you swim in Cabo San Lucas.” While most Cabo San Lucas beaches will have signs posted about swimming conditions, knowing where to find swimmable beaches in Cabo will save you time on vacation. Whether you’re hoping to get some exercise in, try snorkeling, or simply splash in the waves, spend your days at one of these swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

Swimmable Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Many of the most stunning, spacious, and popular beaches are ideal for ocean swimming in Cabo. Avoid rocky shores where waves pound the beach and head to one of these swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas to stay safe in the water. The top spots for swimming in Cabo are Medano Beach, Chileno Beach, Santa Maria Beach, the Cannery Beach, and Lover’s Beach.

1. Medano Beach

Because many tourists ask “Can you swim in Cabo?”, it’s reassuring to note that the majority of the top all-inclusive resorts are on Medano Beach, the most accessible Cabo beach. Located by the downtown marina, this large stretch of sand is the ideal place to spread out your towel and spend the day, especially since it’s lined by restaurants and bars where you can grab a bite and drink after splashing in the waves. Medano Beach is also one of the Cabo San Lucas beaches with Blue Flag certification, a recognition of the community’s commitment and efforts to protect the local environment and make sure that Medano Beach is a safe area for locals and visitors.

2. Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach, another Blue Flag beach, is one of the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas that’s an ideal spot for snorkeling. While there are a few craggy rocks along the sides of the beach where tropical fish are abundant, the waves here are gentle enough for easy ocean swimming in Cabo while watching for tropical fish under the surface of the water. However, because there’s little shade on the beach and few places to buy food or drinks nearby, you’ll want to bring an umbrella, snacks, and water with you.

3. Santa Maria Beach

To escape crowds of tourists, head out of town to Santa Maria Beach, another swimmable beach in Cabo. This large, horseshoe-shaped beach has plenty of golden sand to lay on, and the turquoise waters are typically very calm here and perfect for swimming in Cabo. However, if you’re worried about what beaches can you swim at in Cabo San Lucas, it’s important to keep in mind that there are fewer people here and it’s farther from town, so swimming by yourself in the ocean isn’t advisable. 

4. The Cannery Beach

While there’s no longer tuna cannery here, the name has stuck, but you may also hear it called Playa Coral Negro. Despite being located near the heart of downtown Los Cabos, the Cannery Beach has far less tourists than other spots, making it the perfect place for a quick escape. It has jaw-dropping views of Land’s End and the rocky cliff surrounding Los Cabos, and its peaceful waters will ease your worries when you question “Can you swim in Los Cabos?”

5. Lover’s Beach

Of all the spots for swimming in Cabo, Lover’s Beach is the most iconic spot to jump in the water. Located at Land’s End, half of the beach faces the Pacific Ocean and the other half faces the Sea of Cortez. The Pacific Ocean side is known as Divorce Beach, where strong waves crash against the rocks, but Lover’s Beach on the other side is a popular spot for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. 

The strong currents that form when the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez cause many first-time travelers to ask “Can you swim in Cabo?” While there are some rocky spots you’ll want to avoid, there’s also a variety of Cabo San Lucas beaches where the water is calm and safe. This city wouldn’t be known as paradise without these scenic spots to jump in the water and float on the waves.

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