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Cabo San Lucas. 5 Reasons to Fall in Love

DESTINATION | Published on 18/04/2022
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Cabo San Lucas is one of the most famous destinations in the world, but what is Cabo known for? Luxury resorts, lush palm trees, fresh seafood, and exciting excursions are just a few of the reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas, and with so many tourist attractions and activities, there’s always something new to try on a Cabo vacation. Let these five reasons to fall in love with Cabo inspire your next Mexican adventure.

1. Beautiful Beaches

The combination of bright blue waters and golden sands create beautiful beaches all along the coast of the Baja Peninsula, and they’re one of the main reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas. Spend your days reading a good book or building sandcastles on the beach, and when you’re ready for a little exercise, you can walk along the long shoreline. Every moment of your trip, from waking up to eating dinner, these stunning beaches are the perfect backdrop. Because Cabo is located where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, there can be strong currents, so pay attention to flags and signs warning about rough waters.

2. Beautiful Landscapes

While the beaches are at the top of the list of what is Cabo known for, the Baja Peninsula has strikingly beautiful landscapes everywhere you look. Surrounding the city, rugged mountains covered in cacti and small brush stretch on endlessly. At the tip of the peninsula, Land’s End is one of the main tourist attractions, its rocky formations shaped over thousands of years by the wind and the waves. Lots of boat tours sail around here, giving travelers the chance to spot playful sea lions basking on the warm rocks, and Land’s End has one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole state: Lover’s Beach, a secluded spot for laying out and snorkeling.

3. Cabo San Lucas Weather

One of the most attractive reasons to go to Cabo San Lucas is the warm winter weather, and during this season, travelers from the US and Canada flock to the city’s beautiful beaches to escape the frigid northern winds. With milder temperatures than summer, many people think winter is the best time to visit Cabo, and while it does heat up in the summer, there are plenty of ways to stay cool. Plus, the warm summer Cabo San Lucas weather means warm water temperatures, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

4. The Ultimate Tourist Attractions

Whether you want adrenaline-pumping adventures or relaxed days of pampering yourself, Cabo is your destination. The city has a variety of tourist attractions for all sorts of vacations. Spend your days exploring the beautiful landscapes while hiking, ATVing, or ziplining, or sail out for deep sea fishing or snorkeling with whale sharks. If you want to go whale watching, the best time to visit Cabo is between December and March when these majestic creatures migrate to the coasts of Mexico.

5. Unparalleled Relaxation

To enjoy the best of Cabo San Lucas on a stress-free vacation, book your stay at a luxurious all-inclusive resort where everything is taken care of for you. You’ll have multiple restaurants to dine at every day, and the elegant facilities feature fully-equipped fitness centers, tranquil spas, and tropical gardens. Whether you’re soaking up the gorgeous Cabo San Lucas weather by the pool or sipping coffee on your private balcony, you’ll feel truly relaxed. If you want to score a deal on all this, the best time to visit Cabo is in the summer when tourism is typically slower and hotels offer their lowest prices of the year.

When you look at what Cabo is known for, you’ll find reasons that appeal to all sorts of travelers. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, whether you’re wanting to go out and explore or unwind and relax, this is a destination you can’t help but fall in love with.

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