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Cabo Water Activities for Beach Lovers

DESTINATION | Published on 10/06/2022
Optimizada cabo water activities

Along the coast of Cabo, families and friends spend their days with their toes buried in the sand as they relax and play. Days slowly drift by as they enjoy different activities in Cabo San Lucas along the shore and soak up the beautiful scenery. For beach lovers, there’s no better place to vacation. The variety of things to do in Cabo San Lucas appeals to all different types of travelers, but the best are the different Cabo water activities.

Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing

Kids of all ages love the rush of catching waves in the Cabo water. Body boarding is one of the simplest activities in Cabo San Lucas at the beach. As you try to push yourself along with the waves, you’ll feel the rhythm of the ocean. To make it a little easier, pick up a boogie board at a local shop. Either way, feeling the waves propel you towards shore makes these exciting Cabo water activities.


Beach lovers are mesmerized by the variety of marine life in the Cabo water. Taking a snorkeling tour is one of the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas, but you don’t need a guide to discover the wonders of the sea. With your own goggles and snorkel, you can explore along the coast. Just make sure to enjoy these water activities at a beach in Cabo that’s safe for swimming, like Medano or Chileno Beach.


In a country that loves soccer, it’s not uncommon to see groups of kids or even adults kicking a ball around on the beach. Simply designate a goal area to enjoy an active afternoon with one of the locals’ favorite Cabo activities. Sometimes, it’s the simple games like this that become travelers favorite activities in Cabo San Lucas, as they create a little friendly competition with their loved ones.


If you’re drawn to the water, paddle a kayak out to sea. Many of the all-inclusive resorts provide guests with equipment for Cabo water activities, including the use of kayaks. Their entertainment staff will help guide you out onto the water, giving you the freedom to paddle and explore. If you have your own snorkel equipment, bring it with you, and hop off when you spot something under the water.


Beach lovers know to always take a Frisbee with them to the beach. Whether you create some friendly competition or simply pass it back and forth, it’s a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. When you get warm from throwing the Frisbee around, take a dip into the Cabo water to cool off.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is one of the many water activities by the resorts provide their guests with equipment for. If you’re new to paddle boarding, you can stay on your knees while you paddle, and once you feel comfortable, standing and balancing on the board is a great workout. Don’t worry if you lose your balance. After falling into the water, you can easily get back up and try again.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is among the most adventurous Cabo activities. To explore the depths of the sea, you’ll need to go with a local guide who’s certified to instruct you. After going through a series of water activities to practice, you’ll dive down among tropical schools of fish to where sea turtles, eagle rays, and even octopus live. This is one of the many things to do in Cabo San Lucas that you’ll never forget.

The beaches of Cabo San Lucas attract travelers from around the world, tempting them to spend their days dipping into the water and soaking up the sun. The best Cabo activities take place along the beach, and as you spend your day here, you’ll discover the beauty of the tropical coast.

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