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Can You Swim in Cabo San Lucas?

DESTINATION | Published on 06/07/2019
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Rumors have spread over the years leaving some to question are Cabo beaches unswimmable? The reality is that Cabo San Lucas swimming safety is hit or miss and the answer depends just as much on the beach’s location as on the time of year. If you are trying to figure out the best beach in Cabo San Lucas for swimming, the truth is that there are a number of different options, you just need to find the one that is right for you. This guide will reassure you that you can swim in the ocean in Cabo, especially if you take the necessary precautions given your particular level of skill and strength. 

Can you swim in Cabo San Lucas?

If you find yourself asking, “can you swim in Cabo San Lucas,” without a doubt, the answer is yes! While it is always important to heed warnings and practice swimming safety, there are a number of different Cabo San Lucas beaches that are safe for swimming. More often than not, you’ll find colored flags posted along the beach that indicates whether or not the conditions are safe for you to take a dip in the sea. In addition, some Cabo San Lucas beaches have active lifeguards on duty, which provide an added measure of security for those who take to the water. While you can easily get a sense of whether or not you can swim in Cabo San Lucas just by looking at the number of people in the water, It is also worth your time to check for the best swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas, especially if you are traveling with small children who may need calmer conditions, or if you plan on doing any sort of drinking that might inhibit your abilities while you swim. 

What beaches can you swim at in Cabo San Lucas?

The best swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas is likely to be Medano Beach, which sits at the heart of downtown Cabo and stretches from the Marina to The Villa Group Resorts complex, where Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, and Villa La Estancia are located. This beach not only has calm water conditions that make it perfect for paddle boarding and kayaking, but it also is relatively shallow for the first 15 feet so that your kids can play in the water as well. If you are looking for what beaches can you swim at in Cabo San Lucas aside from Medano Beach, the list includes Playa Santa Maria, Chileno Beach, Palmilla Beach, and Lover’s Beach. These Cabo San Lucas beaches are known to be safe for swimmers of all ages and abilities, but not all have lifeguards on duty, so you should swim at your own risk. 

So who deemed Cabo beaches unswimmable?

Because there are a number of places around Cabo where strong undertows, unpredictable tides, and hardy waves make for less than ideal swimming conditions, these places have been red flagged around the community as the Cabo San Lucas beaches you wouldn’t want to visit if you’re looking to frolic in the water. Cabo San Lucas swimming safety has gotten a bad rap in years past because although the destination has endless miles of coastline, not all the beaches in Cabo are ideal for swimming. 

Cabo San Lucas Swimming Safety Musts

So many visitors over the years have asked “Can you swim in the ocean in Cabo San Lucas?” and the answer is yes, as long as you take precautions and make sure that the beach you’ve chosen is right for your abilities. Whether you are headed to the best beach in Cabo San Lucas for swimming or a seculed spot where you’ll have the beach to yourselves, it is important to practice swimming safety. First and foremost, look for the colored flag that indicates ocean conditions. If the flag is red, don’t get in the water. Secondly, if you plan on swimming where there are waves, make sure you have knowledge of how waves work, they come in sets and the biggest waves usually comes last. Pay attention to the set and make sure you are a strong enough swimmer to be able to withstand their strenth and speed before you get in. As an additional precaution, look for something floating in the water and observe it for a few minutes. If the object, whether it be a bird, a stick, or anything else, seems to be pulled by a current, judge whether or not you are a strong enough swimmer to be able to swim against that current if need be. If you aren’t sure, its best to stay near shore where you can easily keep your feet on the ground. As a final measure, never swim alone. The truth of the matter is that there are a number of conditions that may make Cabo beaches unswimmable, but none of them should keep you out of the water completely during your stay. 

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