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Day Trip to San Jose Del Cabo

DESTINATION | Published on 09/02/2023
Optimizada day trip from us

Do you know your way to San Jose del Cabo? The quieter of the two cities that make up Los Cabos, San José del Cabo is the perfect spot when you’re looking for day trips near me from your resort in Cabo San Lucas or when traveling from US to Mexico.

If you’ve never been to the seaside paradise, you may be asking where is Los Cabos? Nestled on the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula, it’s a haven for those seeking the ultimate getaway. For those looking for how to plan a road trip or maybe even wishing to go backpacking in Mexico, set your sights on this Baja beauty. 

San Jose del Cabo

Traveling to Mexico from US cities is often a search for something smaller, a place filled with meaningful traditions, relaxed culture, and quiet sunny days by the beach.

If you are traveling with your children, these options might interest you.

San Jose del Cabo still holds that quaint town magic with its central area filled with shops, the plaza, and a traditional cathedral, but there is also the modern side, walkable yet better by cab, to stroll along the hotel beach where numerous resorts have spread out.

Backpacking in Mexico doesn’t have to be a true hike. It can be a daypack filled with everything needed for exploring all your search results for day trips near me. 

Where is Los Cabos?

When traveling from US to Mexico, it’s smart to get a lay of the land. This means understanding where you're going, like knowing Los Cabos is Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo put together.

They are both on the southern tip of Baja California Sur, but you need to know how to plan a road trip if you want to see each of them. As they are about twenty miles apart, this is not a fun backpacking in Mexico experience. You need a car! And the time to get there will depend on what side of Cabo San Lucas you are coming from. 

Day Trips Near Me

After you have figured out how to plan a road trip to San Jose, you’ll want to explore all the activities the area has to offer. Once you walk down the Hotel Beach, you’ll also want to head over to the downtown area and visit the local market of San Jose del Cabo.

Grab a bicycle tour and have them point out the cultural tianguis where you will find a colorful artisan market as well. If you’re a water enthusiast, this is a great place to learn how to surf or even go kayaking on the Sea of Cortez.

If you would rather enjoy the water while staying dry, opt for a glass bottom boat tour and during January through March keep an eye out for the magnificent humpback whales. Another great way to see the beach and the sunset is by horseback or riding a camel! 

Check out this article, you will get some day trip ideas.

Traveling from US to Mexico

Traveling to Mexico from US is a great way to explore more of the world and see things that aren’t in our own backyard, like Cascada Sol De Mayo, the hidden waterfalls outside San Jose or the abstract oil paintings at the Frank Arnold Gallery. Take some time to look into your trip, explore the area, and discover everything the small town has to offer.

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