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Hidden Things to Do in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 17/04/2019
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While Cabo San Lucas has been a popular Mexican destination for years, there are a few Los Cabos attractions that remain hidden gems. Escaping the crowds of the city, you can find incredibly unique hidden things to do in Cabo. These Los Cabos attractions are one of a kind yet still off the beaten trail.

Thursday Art Walk In San Jose

One of the most popular activities to do in Los Cabos is to head to the nearby town of San Jose for their art walk on Thursdays. From 5-9pm during November through June, the streets in the Gallery District shut down and galleries open their doors. Wander between shops where local artists are giving talks and displaying their works. On the streets, you’ll hear musicians playing into the night. Between galleries, stop for a glass of wine and to soak in the local culture. Unless you purchase a painting, this is one of the free things to do in Los Cabos during your trip that will expose you to the local art scene.

Todos Santos

Legend has it that the hotel that inspired The Eagles to write “Hotel California” is located in Todos Santos just outside of Cabo. Rancho Tours provides day trips to many Los Cabos attractions, and in Todos Santos, they’ll show you a blanket factory, cultural center, the beautiful mission of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, and local artisan markets. Along the way, you’ll sample regional cuisine and candies. This is one of the best family activities in Los Cabos because it will open your children’s eyes to how people around the world live their daily lives.


If you’re looking for free things to do in Los Cabos, you can safely explore some of the nearby towns on your own. Along the coast, Miraflores is known for their handcrafted leather goods and local cemetery that is full of celebrations during Dia de Los Muertos. Spending a day here tasting the local culture and food is one of the best family activities in Cabo.

Fox Canyon

Hiking in the desert and mountains around the city is one of the most incredibly beautiful free things to do in Los Cabos, but if it’s your first time visiting, a tour may be the best way to explore. High Tide Expeditions is a very reputable company that will take you to one of the hidden things to do in Cabo: an oasis called Fox Canyon. Hiking along the river will lead you to freshwater pools and a hidden waterfall. Here, you’ll be witnessing the secret beauties of Mexico and the tranquil environment that makes it a legendary place to visit.

Sea Turtle Release

Preserving the environment is one of the hidden activities to do in Los Cabos, and it’s just as important on vacation as it is in our daily lives. Releasing baby sea turtles and learning about the species is important if we want our oceans to stay healthy. This is one of the best family activities in Los Cabos. Kids will love naming a baby turtle and helping it swim into the ocean, and parents will love the educational program.

Flora Farms

Flora Farms is an organic farm to table restaurant outside the city. Surrounded by nature, it’s one of the best hidden things to do in Cabo, but it’s more than just a restaurant. Between rows of heirloom vegetables and tropical fruit growing on the farm, there’s also a spa with all natural services and yoga and pilates classes. Cooking classes at the farm will have you prepared to make authentic Mexican food in your own kitchen, and at the grocery store at Flora Farms, you can take fresh produce back to your resort for healthy eating on vacation.

These activities to do in Los Cabos will take you away from the main tourist attractions and show you another side of the city. Your vacation will be unique and still exciting when you try these hidden gems in Los Cabos.

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