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Cabo San Lucas - Mexican Food Near Me

DESTINATION | Published on 03/04/2019
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In a kitchen lined with colorful tiles in a Mexican pueblo, a grandma boils tomatoes and presses dough into soft tortillas as thin slices of steak are grilled. While the aromas of this kitchen are familiar to most Mexicans, when it comes to Mexican food, people from other countries are more familiar with the dishes typically served at Mexican fast food restaurants, but there’s a vast array of flavors and spices in authentic Mexican food that may surprise you. Traveling to Mexico is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the many dishes that make up traditional Mexican food near you.

Some of the top destinations in Mexico are along the miles of sunny coastlines, areas where seafood is abundant and an important part of the cuisine. Shrimp, fish, octopus, and oysters are used to create healthy Mexican food, flavored with limes and salsas. If you’re near the coast, you can try ceviche, raw seafood that’s been marinated in lime juice until it’s safe to eat. On your Mexican vacation, you can spend a day deep sea fishing and bring home your own catch to be grilled for dinner at Mexican food restaurants at your hotel.

One of the dishes you won’t find at a Mexican fast food restaurant outside of the country is sopes. This authentic Mexican food is considered one of the many street foods in the country, but it’s also served in homes. Sopes are built on thick, fried, doughy tortillas made from cornflour with a small ridge around the edge to hold all the toppings. Traditional toppings include beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese, which can all be piled high on top of the base. Sopes are so popular that you can buy the tortillas premade in Mexican supermarkets, which can be taken home to share with friends, taking a lot of the labor out of preparing this traditional Mexican food. Depending on where you live, Mexican food delivery is the easiest way to try sopes in your own home.

If you’re at a Mexican food restaurant, molcajetes are a spectacular choice. When this traditional Mexican food is ready, your waiter will bring a sizzling pre-hispanic mortar dish made from volcanic rock to your table. Inside the hot dish, freshly grilled strips of steak, shrimp, or any other meat are mixed with veggies in a bubbling salsa. Depending on the ingredients, molcajetes can be a great healthy Mexican food choice with plenty of vegetables and fresh meats. You can eat straight from the volcanic dish or fill tortillas with the meat and veggies.

South of the border, street taco stands are the true form of Mexican fast food restaurants. In the evening, street corners are filled with stands grilling meat and pressing tortillas to quickly serve the ever-growing crowd around them. Many of the stands also provide Mexican food delivery, and you’ll often see people taking their food to go. When it comes to authentic Mexican food, there are millions of types of meat to try, from different animals to different parts of their bodies. Some meats are marinated in spices, some are pulled into thin strips, and some are from the sea. At a taco stand, you don’t have to order just one type of taco. You can order a variety, and since they’re small, you can try three or four different flavors. For a healthy Mexican food choice, most stands will have mushrooms and other veggies for a meatless option.

When you visit Mexico, there’s always delicious Mexican food restaurants nearby, and if you’re too tired to go out, Mexican food delivery services will bring tacos, sopes, and other dishes straight to your door. When truly authentic Mexican food is this close to you, it’s time to sample as many different dishes as you can!

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