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Reasons to Visit Los Cabos in Winter

DESTINATION | Published on 14/12/2018
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Imagining winter in Los Cabos should fill your mind with thoughts of warm sunshine, lush palm trees, and margaritas on the beach--a drastically different picture than winter in most other places. Many Americans and Canadians choose to travel to Los Cabos in winter to escape the biting winds of the north and soak up the sun for a week. With the warm weather in Los Cabos, there’s plenty of outdoor activities and holiday festivities to enjoy when you visit Los Cabos. If you need more convincing to take advantage of the warm Christmas weather in Los Cabos, check out these five reasons to make it a part of your holiday season.

Spectacular Weather 

The Los Cabos climate is especially refreshing during the winter months with an average high in the 70s. After the rains of hurricane season in the fall, the Los Cabos weather calms down in time for the holiday festivities and influx of visitors. The allure of spending a December day outside in shorts with a tropical breeze on sunny shores tempts many people to travel to Los Cabos in winter.

Highly Entertaining Activities

When high season hits, plenty of highly entertaining activities begin to pop up on the Cabo calendar. From celebrity appearances at bars to holiday festivities in the neighborhoods, there’s always something happening, and with the sunny Christmas weather in Los Cabos, you don’t have to worry about getting snowed in and missing the fun. During the day, you can enjoy other highly entertaining activities like zip lining over the jungle canopy or riding ATVs over rugged mountain trails in the warm Los Cabos weather.

Sincere Hospitality 

Mexican culture is known for hospitality just as warm as the Los Cabos climate, and the friendly welcome you receive from the locals and other foreigners who visit Los Cabos willwarm your heart during the holidays and the cruel winter months. The bright banners in the streets and sizzling aromas of food being prepared will cheer your spirits, and the excellent service at the resorts in the city will make you feel at home in no time when you travel to Los Cabos in winter.

Mid-winter Dose of Vitamin D

 Dreary days with little sunlight can bring on seasonal depression for many people, but an escape to the warm Christmas weather in Los Cabos can help beat the wintry blues. While the Los Cabos climate is no serious cure for depression, a mid-winter dose of vitamin D can lift the spirits and calm the soul.

Deals on Flights to Cabo

 The attraction of spending winter in Los Cabos draws a large number of visitors to the city, increasing the demand for direct flights. From December through May, you can find more flights and better routes to get you to the sunny Los Cabos weather for vacation. As the holidays approach, be on the lookout for the lowest deals of the year on flights and hotels.

Winter in Los Cabos is a time to soak up the sun and take advantage of the high season activities and deals in paradise. With these reasons to visit Los Cabos in winter, it’s clear why Cabo San Lucas is such a popular destination this time of year.

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