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5 Reasons to Visit San Jose del Cabo

DESTINATION | Published on 18/01/2022
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While most people have heard of Los Cabos, fewer are familiar with the town of San Jose del Cabo, one of the two main cities that make up the Los Cabos municipality. This laidback town is a place worth visiting if you’re looking for tranquil days on the beach and wanting to immerse yourself in Mexican culture. Since it’s also one of the most safe places to visit, you can truly relax while experiencing all the unique things to do in San Jose del Cabo. While the city has several all-inclusive and boutique hotels, it’s one of the places near Cabo San Lucas that you can easily visit for a day. Whether you spend your whole vacation here or just a day, the incredible art galleries and the best restaurants in San Jose del Cabo will make it hard to leave.

1. Sunny San Jose del Cabo Weather

Throughout the year, the San Jose del Cabo weather has clear skies and warm temperatures. In the summer, things heat up, which makes afternoons by the pool and dips into the ocean the most relaxing things to do in San Jose del Cabo. When the fall rains come to wash away the heat, duck inside for a spa day or cooking class before coming back out to soak up the sun. Winter and spring have the mildest temperatures of the year, making San Jose del Cabo a place worth visiting even for migratory humpback whales.

2. Fresh Seafood and Authentic Mexican Cuisine

The highlight of any Los Cabos vacation is the fresh seafood and authentic Mexican cuisine, and the best restaurants in San Jose del Cabo will dazzle your taste buds. Whether you dine in the gourmet Cafe des Artistes or head to a local taqueria, you’ll experience the fresh ingredients of the tropics and the bold flavors of Mexico. For foodies, Los Tamarindos farm-to-table restaurant and Baja Brewing make San Jose del Cabo one of the places near Cabo San Lucas worth checking out.

3. San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

On Thursday nights, San Jose del Cabo is the place to be for those who love art and want to immerse themselves in Mexican culture. The Gallery District in town has modern galleries and some that specialize in traditional artworks, and on Thursday nights, they keep their doors open later and host talks with local artists for the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk. This night is one of the most unique things to do in San Jose del Cabo, and after browsing the galleries, sit down for a glass of wine and an exquisite meal at one of the best restaurants in San Jose del Cabo.

4. Tropical Beaches

With the sunny San Jose del Cabo weather, every day is a beach day, but since Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez mix, the strong currents make people ask “Is San Jose del Cabo safe for swimming?” Since it’s located further up the coast from Cabo San Lucas, there’s a number of swimmable beaches in San Jose del Cabo that are safe places to visit and splash in the waves, like Costa Azul, a popular surf hangout. For good drinks and music, head to the beach club at Playa Acapulquito. Another option is to visit Playa Palmilla or Playa Chileno for a snorkeling adventure.

5. Hiking Adventures

As you walk the streets and hear neighbors greeting each other, you won’t have to worry about is San Jose del Cabo safe. You’ll feel it for yourself, which makes it tempting to head out exploring on a hike. While you shouldn’t try to follow a new trail on your own, the paths in the mountains around San Jose del Cabo are safe and beautiful. Fox Canyon is located outside the city, but with its rugged beauty and hidden waterfall, it’s a place worth visiting. Cerro de Las Chivas is much closer to town, and you can even walk to the trailhead. This mountain is a steep hike, but it only takes 30-45 minutes to reach the top. Hikers can also follow the camino del cañon up a dried riverbed away from the beach to find a secret waterfall. Each of these hikes are safe places to visit that showcase the wonders of the natural environment in San Jose del Cabo. 

San Jose del Cabo is just one of the incredible places near Cabo San Lucas where you’ll be surrounded by warm hospitality and natural beauty, and once you’ve strolled the cobblestone streets, you won’t be asking “Is San Jose del Cabo safe?” You’ll feel the friendliness of this vibrant town for yourself.

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