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San Jose del Cabo Info - Airport, Weather and Restaurants

DESTINATION | Published on 21/02/2023
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Planning an excellent vacation is just that… planning. If you’re headed to Baja California Sur, you may want to look into San Jose del Cabo hotels or check out Los Cabos restaurant options. What is the Los Cabos weather on a month to month average?

When traveling, the most important step is know how to get where, like traveling from the San Jose del Cabo airport to your final destination. Check timelines to make sure you aren’t traveling too late or arriving before your check-in time. If it can’t be avoided, look into ways to fill your gap time so you don’t find yourself standing on a curb with your luggage. 

How to Travel in Baja California Sur

Pay close attention to where you are flying into. For example if you are headed into the San Jose del Cabo airport and staying in Cabo San Lucas, you’ve got around a forty-five minute trip, and that’s once you’re on the road.

You also need to decide how you want to get there. If you like the authentic experience, you can take the Ruta del Desierto public bus. It’s comfortable, air-conditioned, and extremely affordable, but plan around ninety minutes travel time for all the stops. 

If you like a bit more comfort and less stops, grab one of the many private or semi-private airport shuttle services that are located right out front. With Los Cabos weather being some of the best, just step into the sunshine and flag down a local attendant for help. You’ll also be able to find local taxis that may help for a lower budget. 

For comfortable travelers or if you want to look around the San Jose del Cabo hotels before going further south in Baja California Sur to Los Cabos, renting a car may be the best option for true explorers. Whatever choice you make, be sure to get settled on a price up front. 

Find out about the towns you can visit nearby, such as day trips.

Los Cabos Weather

Luckily, the weather is pretty amazing most of the year for anyone who comes from ice, snow, sleet, or clouds and fog. You get sun for ten months of the year! If you don’t mind a bit of rain or maybe a lot depending on the season, you can enjoy the wet heat of August and September with maybe a splash at the end of July and beginning of October. January is the coldest month if you consider night time lows in the fifties to be cold, and the very best time to enjoy Los Cabos weather is November through April. 

Finding the Best Los Cabos Restaurant

Food options are absolutely incredible in Baja California Sur ranging from Los Cabos Mexican restaurant choices to gourmet food fusions.

  • Bella California
  • Sunset Dinners
  • Cafe de Artistes
  • Las Cazuelas del Don
  • La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

So whether your staying in San Jose del Cabo hotels or making the drive down to Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find great food, an inviting desert climate, friendly people, and memorable experiences. 

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