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The Essentials you Should Know about Balandra Beach

DESTINATION | Published on 27/01/2023
Optimizada balandra beach

When sharing where you spent your long awaited time off, it’s true satisfaction to announce, “On one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.” That’s your answer after visiting Balandra Beach Mexico.

A natural protected area since 2018, Balandra Bay is a collection of half-moon shaped bays with only two that can be reached by land. However, most of the water is barely deeper than your calf, so it’s easy to walk along the shore to see some of the most spectacular water and rock formations in all of Mexico.

Pro tip: shuffle your feet to avoid the stingrays who love to hide under the warm water and sand. 

Playa Balandra - One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

The waters of Balandra Beach are like teal mirrors, smooth and glassy, which makes paddle boarding or kayaking around Balandra Bay the best and easiest way to see all it has to offer. From white sand coastline to wild mangrove forests, this is nature at its best and well worth the trip out whether on your own or with a tour guide.

Be sure to check out all the wildlife like blue crabs, herons, and osprey within the lagoon area. You can even take a break from paddling if you visit during low tide and set up on the sandbar. 

When to go to Balandra Beach

Is Balandra Beach open seems to be a common question for the area in part due to a boating accident and gas spill in 2022. It’s also relevant as the area is protected and now has regulated access from eight to three.

If you arrive after two, they will not allow you to enter. It is nice to go early if you want to enjoy Balandra Bay a bit more intimately and have time to really see it all. As the beach is watched over by officials and staff, they also limit the amount of visitors to two-hundred people every three hours. 

There is no particular time of year that is best. It is always beautiful. However, if you have temperature preferences, be sure to look them up before you travel. It starts getting fairly warm after eleven. 

How to Get to Balandra Beach Mexico

Playa Balandra is located about thirty minutes outside of La Paz with several different ways to get there, but the easiest is to rent a car. You can take a bus or a taxi, and you may also find car services such as Uber to get you there. If you wish to get rid of all the hassle, there are several tour services that can guide you as well. 

If you’re coming from Cabo San Lucas, be sure to set aside around two and a half hours each way to get there. 

Respecting Balandra Beach Mexico

While it may be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s also believed to be the most exquisite in Mexico. Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and snacks along with your own trash bag so everything that is brought in can be taken back out.

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