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Weather in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Climate and Average Monthly Temperature

DESTINATION | Published on 15/06/2021
Optimizada cabo san lucas weather

As you start to dream of escaping to Cabo San Lucas and burying your toes in the sand, you’re probably imagining blue skies and sunny weather, and while the city is known for great weather all year long, the average temperatures in Cabo San Lucas by month do vary, just as they do in the rest of the world. To find the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas Mexico, you’ll want to consider both the activities you’re looking forward to and your budget. With the changing Cabo weather, some months naturally lend themselves to certain activities, and others bring bigger savings.


If you look at the forecast for Cabo San Lucas in the spring, you’ll see warm temperatures with clear skies. In March, the temperature may get as high as 80°F, but you’ll still have cooler mornings and mild evenings. By May, the temperature will be rising up to 91°F, and with summer approaching at that point, you’ll be feeling comfortable throughout the day. The humidity will also be low since these are the driest months of the year. This great Cabo San Lucas weather and spring break vacations from school make it a busy time of year, so be sure to make your travel plans early.

What is the Average Temperature in Cabo San Lucas in Spring?

  • March: 84° / 63°
  • April: 87° / 67°
  • May: 91° / 72°

What to Do

This is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas Mexico if you’re ready to get outside for an adventure. Spend your spring vacation paddleboarding, ATVing, and snorkeling around the iconic Cabo Arch.

What to Pack

If you’re coming in the early spring, bring a light jacket for mornings and evenings, especially if you’re planning on sailing out to sea, or if you’re heading to restaurants with air conditioning. During the day, you’ll want shorts and T-shirts for your different excursions, and bring along some nicer clothes for sunset dinners.


Summertime in Cabo San Lucas is hot and humid, but you’ll have clear skies and plenty of different ways to cool off. The average temperatures in Cabo San Lucas by month stay fairly consistent throughout the summer, but as it gets closer to fall, you might have a rainy day here or there. As the Cabo San Lucas weather heats up, so do the savings. Summer is considered the low season for tourism in Cabo, and savvy travelers know that it’s the best time to score deals on all-inclusive vacation packages and flights.

What is the Average Temperature in Cabo San Lucas in Summer?

  • June: 93° / 78°
  • July: 94° / 81°
  • August: 94° / 80°

What to Do

For divers, summer is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas Mexico. With the air being warm, the water temperature is higher as well, making it easy to stay under without shivering, and without the rains of fall, you’ll be able to see clearly and spot all sorts of tropical marine life. If you’re not ready to dive, stay cool while snorkeling or floating at the surface.

What to Pack

Bring lightweight clothing and a swimsuit for keeping cool. Since you’ll likely be getting lots of sun exposure, pack a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, and even a rash guard to protect your skin.


Fall is considered the rainy season, and statistically, the highest chances of a hurricane or tropical storm are in September and October. However, on average, there’s just a handful of rainy days each month with a couple of inches of water, and most major storms pass by the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Because the chances of a storm are low, this is the season for Cabo’s biggest fishing tournaments. By November, the few rain showers have helped to usher in cooler weather as winter approaches.

What is the Average Temperature in Cabo San Lucas in Fall?

  • September: 92° / 78°
  • October: 92° / 74°
  • November: 87° / 68°

What to Do

Whale sharks start making their appearance in the Sea of Cortez in October, so this is the perfect time to swim and snorkel alongside these peaceful sharks. If you do have a rainy day, head out shopping, or spend the day pampering yourself inside at the spa.

What to Pack

Bring a rain jacket and small umbrella so that you’re never unprepared. You’ll still want lightweight clothing during the day, and as winter approaches, you might need a light jacket as well.


With the average temperatures in Cabo San Lucas by month being at their lowest, winter is the most popular time for travelers who want to escape the frigid northern winds and enjoy mild weather that won’t make them sweat. Humpback and grey whales are also drawn to this warmer weather, migrating to the coast of Mexico from Arctic waters. During the day, you’ll have clear skies and pleasantly warm weather on the beach, but as the night cools down, you’ll want to take a jacket with you.

What is the Average Temperature in Cabo San Lucas in Winter?

  • December: 81° / 62°
  • January: 80° / 61°
  • February: 81° / 61°

What to Do

With so many travelers arriving for winter, there’s always something going on. From road races to food festivals, the winter events in Cabo appeal to all sorts of travelers. Plus, celebrating the holiday season in Mexico is extra festive and exciting, especially since whales migrate to the coast of Cabo in the winter.

What to Pack

Bring your swimsuit for laying out by the pool or on the beach during the day, but be sure to bring a rashguard to keep you warm in the cooler waters if you’re snorkeling. A sweatshirt or jacket will be perfect for the mornings and evenings when the temperatures drop.Clima en Cabo San Lucas, México: Temperatura promedio mensual

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