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Where is Cabo San Lucas?

DESTINATION | Published on 10/01/2022
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From Hollywood movies to conversations with coworkers, you’ve probably heard of Cabo San Lucas, one of the most popular tropical Mexico destinations. Travelers head there for everything from family vacations to spring break parties and destination weddings. With so much to do, all sorts of people love visiting Cabo, whether they’re wanting to simply relax on the beach with a margarita or get out and explore the environment. There’s so much to discover here, and once you know where Cabo San Lucas is, you’ll be able to plan your next great adventure.

Where is Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur, and because of the state’s name, some first-time travelers ask “Is Cabo in the United States?” Baja California and Baja California Sur are the two Mexican states that make up the peninsula that extends south from California on the west coast, just across the border from San Diego.

What’s the Geography of Cabo San Lucas?

As the peninsula extends down from California, it’s covered in the gently rolling Sierra de la Giganta Mountains, an extension of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and its climate is mostly a dry desert. When you look at a Cabo San Lucas map, you’ll see that one side of the peninsula is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the other by the Sea of Cortez, which has earned the nickname “The Aquarium of the World” with its hundreds of islands and the thousands of fish and mammal species that call it home. Because these two large bodies of water meet at the tip of the peninsula, the Cabo San Lucas location gives you access to both, but it also creates strong currents, so it’s important to know which beaches are safe for swimming.

What’s the Current Time in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas Time Zone


Monday, January 10, 2022

When you ask “Is Cabo in the United States?” and you find out it isn’t, you may be worried about adjusting to another time zone in a foreign country, but for travelers from North America, this won’t be a problem. The time in Cabo San Lucas aligns with the Mountain Time Zone in the US, which means most travelers will only have a one- or two-hour difference when they reach their Cabo San Lucas location. However, Mexico destinations observe Daylight Saving Time on different dates than the US, moving clocks forward on April 3 and back on October 30.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Cabo?

The best time to visit Cabo depends on what sort of weather and what kind of activities you prefer. For cooler weather and a chance to go whale watching, travel in the winter or early spring. For discounts on travel and warm water temperatures for snorkeling and scuba diving, book a summer vacation. The fall is filled with fishing tournaments, and spring break is a time when many families have a chance to get away. However, no matter when you go, there’s a variety of things to do that will make your time in Cabo San Lucas unforgettable.

What’s Nearby Cabo San Lucas?

As you look at a Cabo San Lucas map, you can explore nearby destinations and plan out some day trips to discover more of Baja California Sur. When you look at where Cabo San Lucas is, you’ll see that it’s just down the road from San Jose del Cabo, one of the quieter Mexico destinations that’s famous for its art gallery district. Drive a little further, and you can visit Todos Santos, which, according to local legend, inspired the song “Hotel California.” Some other unique day trips include swimming with whale sharks in Cabo Pulmo, hiking in Fox Canyon, or relaxing in the El Chorros hot springs. Getting out of your Cabo San Lucas location gives you the chance to experience different aspects of the local culture and natural environment.

Whether you’ve been asking “Is Cabo in the United States?” or you’ve been there before, there’s always something new to explore in this exciting destination. With the right information, you’ll know where to go and when it’s the best time to visit Cabo. So open up a Cabo San Lucas map, and get ready for the adventures that await!

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