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The Best Food to Try in Cabo San Lucas

DINING | Published on 05/10/2021
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The Cabo San Lucas food scene includes cuisine from all around the world, but the highlight of vacationing here is being able to eat authentic Mexican cuisine at every meal, and at the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find something new to try every night, including marinated meats, fresh seafood, and local produce. While you’ll see traditional Mexican foods that you’ve tried before, add these unique dishes to your list of what to eat in Cabo San Lucas.

Mexican Chocolate Clams

The best food in Cabo San Lucas comes from the sea, including the chocolate clams. Named for their deep, chocolate color, these clams are unique to Mexico’s west coast, and when it comes to what to eat in Cabo San Lucas, this delicacy attracts foodies from around the world, especially since there are strict fishing and exportation regulations that make them hard to find outside of Mexico.

Mole Enchiladas

Enchiladas are some of the best Mexican foods to try, and while most travelers have experienced them outside of Mexico, it’s only in the country that you’ll have a truly authentic experience. Enchiladas can be filled with all types of vegetables and meats and topped with different kinds of salsa. Mole is truly authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s a sweet and savory sauce made from several different kinds of dried chiles and chocolate. Mole enchiladas is the best food in Cabo San Lucas, especially because you’re less likely to find it outside of Mexico.


No matter what meal it is, carnitas are a popular dish throughout Mexico and a common Cabo San Lucas food. From breakfast until late in the evening, you’ll find families eating these pork tacos. The meat is seasoned, marinated, and cooked until it’s so soft it falls off the bone. The best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas for these pulled pork tacos are usually humble and unassuming local spots and even street stands. For a hearty breakfast or the best dinner in Cabo San Lucas, top your carnitas with fresh cilantro and spicy salsas.

Fish Tacos

There’s no better place for fish tacos than the beaches of Mexico, and if you go deep sea fishing on vacation, you can even bring your catch back to the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas and have them prepare it for you. In Baja California, the typical fish tacos are fried in a crispy batter, but you can also have them marinated and grilled. For the best dinner in Cabo San Lucas, visit a restaurant along the beach where you can watch the sunset and pair fish tacos with a Mexican beer.


While you probably associate lobster with other parts of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that the ocean around Cabo is a great source for them as well. In fact, you can even find live lobster tanks when you’re dining out. With the affordable price of seafood here, you’ll have the best dinner in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or just the joy of being on vacation.


Authentic Mexican cuisine includes some unique seafood dishes, and one of the best Mexican foods to try on the beach is ceviche. This dish is made by soaking raw fish, shrimp, or octopus in lime juice to make it safe to eat. The meat is then mixed with fresh vegetables, like cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber, and mango, which all gets topped onto crunchy tostadas.

Tropical Fruits

The best food in Cabo San Lucas doesn’t have to be flown in from far away. The region grows a variety of tropical fruits and fresh produce. Adding in a bowl of pineapple, topping your yogurt with ripe strawberries, and ordering fruit juice with your meal will help you stay healthy on vacation. These refreshing fruits pair well with all sorts of Cabo San Lucas food, creating dishes that are colorful and nutritious.

No matter where you go on your Cabo vacation, you’ll find delicious seafood and the best Mexican foods to try. As you make your choices about what to eat in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll see familiar dishes, but ordering something new and unfamiliar will broaden your palate and give you a rich taste of the local culture.

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