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The Best Healthy Fast Food Options

DINING | Published on 24/04/2020
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As much as we try to cook with fresh, organic ingredients at home, sometimes a quick trip through the drive thru is the only option between meetings, soccer practices, and running errands. To keep up with the growing demand for healthy fast food options, most restaurants have created low-carb meals that are packed with extra veggies, fruits, and nuts, and now, most restaurants also are required to post the calories and nutritional information of each meal, helping you figure out how to eat healthy fast food. By taking time to browse the menu, you can select the most healthy fast food to fuel you for whatever lies ahead.


For a long time, the main healthy lunch options fast food restaurants had were salads, and while they still are one of the best healthy fast food options, not all salads are equal. Instead of salads with lots of croutons and cheese on top, look for salads with fruits and nuts on them. One of the other healthy fast food choices you should make is to order the dressing on the side, opting for a vinaigrette rather than a creamy dressing. This lets you control the amount of dressing that goes on top of your salad, making this one of the best healthy fast food options. To find high-quality salads, coffee shops and cafes are some of the most healthy fast food restaurants to stop at.

Egg Whites

On a busy morning, pick up a healthy fast food breakfast rather than skipping the meal altogether. Most coffee chains and even burger joints offer healthy fast food breakfast choices made with egg whites and lean meat. Many of these options are also wraps, cutting down on the number of carbs in your healthy fast food breakfast. To give you a boost of energy, opt for plain black coffee or tea rather than a sugary drink with whipped cream on top. 


Wraps are a hearty and low-carb option that many healthy fast food restaurants offer. With wraps, you’ll be getting more meat and veggies and less bread in one of the best healthy lunch options fast food restaurants have. To make your wrap the most healthy fast food meal, make sure to request it without a lot of mayonnaise or sauce on it, cutting down on the oils in your food. 


One of the other healthy lunch options fast food restaurants have is soups, but just like most other meals, some soups are healthier than others. Thick, creamy soups are delicious, but tend to have less veggies and more calories than others. Some healthy fast food restaurants serve crackers and bread with their soups, but requesting an apple or foregoing the bread is key for how to eat healthy fast food

Burrito Bowls

When it comes to healthy fast food choices, burrito bowls are a hearty option packed with protein. The lettuce, rice, beans, and meat make these one of the best healthy fast food options, and you can even have a delicious vegetarian meal by cutting the meat from the bowl. The versatility of what you order in your bowl and the extra protein from the beans will leave you feeling full and satisfied without the bloating of a greasy hamburger and french fries. 

Browsing menus and reading the nutritional information on the side will help you learn how to eat healthy fast food, and while you shouldn’t rely on fast food for regular meals, the occasional drive thru won’t hurt. By making healthy fast food choices, you’ll be able to fuel your day without skipping a beat.

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