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The Best Events of 2019 in Los Cabos

EVENTS | Published on 10/01/2019
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In Los Cabos, there’s always something exciting happening, and every day feels like a celebration. However, there are some activities in Los Cabos that happen only once a year that you won’t want to miss out on. If you have a trip planned or are looking at dates to travel to Los Cabos, check out the upcoming Los Cabos events 2019 will hold. Taking part in the best events in Cabo will give you a truly unique travel experience and help you dive into the vibrant culture that makes Mexico one of the top destinations.

February 10

Los Cabo Half Marathon: The Los Cabos events 2019 season kicks off by kicking you into shape with the Los Cabos Half Marathon. With 21k, 10k, and 3k races offered, this race will take you through the historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo, past luxury resorts, along the naturally beautiful landscape near the San Jose Estuary, and into the Los Cabos Marina. A mostly flat route, this is premier winter race located conveniently close to the United States for runners looking to escape icy roads and biting winds--a perfect excuse to visit Los Cabos!


Los Cabos Cheese and Wine Festival: For foodies, there’s always delicious gourmet and authentic Mexican food to sink your teeth into when you visit Los Cabos, and in March, there will be special things to do in Cabo during the Cheese and Wine Festival. With live music and an elegant ambiance, you can sample the best cheeses and wines from Mexico and an international selections as well. Hear from experts in the food industry about these products and maybe find one of your favorites to take home.


Los Cabos Music Fest: 100 musical groups will gather in June in Cabo for one of the highly recommended activities of the year where you can rock out and dance along all day long. With a variety of genres, there’s something for everyone to love at the festival, which is clear from last year’s attendance of over 25,000 attendees. Along with great music, you can also enjoy a variety of local tacos and delicious street food throughout the day at one of the best events in Cabo.


Fishing Tournaments: From June-December, the Los Cabos events 2019 calendar is filled with competitive fishing tournaments. These activities in Los Cabos are thrilling to participate in, but also fun to watch from shore as humongous fish are hauled in, weighed, and fried up, making attending a tournament one of the best things to do in Los Cabos. Join in on the fun and competition at the Dorado Shoot Out, the Tuna Jackpot, or one of the three Bisbees Tournaments when you visit Los Cabos in the fall.

November 4-6

Cabo Cocktail Festival: While it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, the Cabo Cocktail Festival is one of the recommended activities to elevate your tastes and knowledge of craft cocktails. The festival aims to showcase hospitality, promote innovative mixology, and celebrate industry leaders with events and seminars over the course of three days. Learn from the top mixologists from around the globe during these activities in Los Cabos, and go home ready to make a truly unique drink to impress your guests.


Life Luxe Jazz Festival: One of the best events in Cabo for those who love luxury and jazz is the Life Luxe Jazz Festival. Listen to the best jazz musicians from Mexico and around the world while enjoying luxurious drinks and gourmet food in the elegant venue overlooking the ocean. As the Los Cabos events 2019 season comes to a close, this is one of the top events to look forward to.

While there are plenty of things to do in Cabo, these are just a few of the recommended activities for 2019. Looking at the events calendar will help you choose the best dates to visit Los Cabos or show you something new to try on vacation to get involved in the local scene and culture.

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