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Earth Day 2023. Facts, History, and Celebration

LIFESTYLE | Published on 22/04/2022
Optimizada ways to celebrate earth day

Aprill 22nd, the Earth Day 2023 date, is probably the most important international holiday celebrated around the world. It is a date to honor Mother Nature and the life she has given all of us, and there is no better way to spend the day than by organizing Earth Day activities for your whole family, learning important Earth Day facts, and planning ways to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year. This Earth Day 2023, make a commitment to changing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle so that everyone has a brighter future.

Earth Day 2023

The theme of Earth Day 2023 is “Invest in Our Planet,” a call to individuals everywhere to make eco-friendly decisions in their everyday lives and to support and lobby for the businesses who are ecologically responsible. The international holiday is an opportunity to evaluate the way you live your life and add modified habits to your daily routines that can help change the future of the planet for everyone.

Earth Day Facts

  1. Earth Day activities began in the 1960s when the United States launched a program aimed at improving the way we take care of the planet. It quickly became popular and the first official Earth Day was held in 1970. 

  2. People around the world joined in the celebration and it was made an international holiday in 1990. 

  3. Millions of trees have been planted on Earth Day over the years and projects are in the works to plant millions more. 

  4. Earth Day is in part responsible for the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, which works to pass legislation to protect the air, water, land, and endangered species that inhabit the planet.

Earth Day Activities

  1. Ditch your car for the day! Take the international holiday as your opportunity to get some exercise by walking or bike riding wherever you go. 

  2. Grab a trashbag and head out for a local clean-up. Teaching your kids about the importance of caring for the planet is best done by actively taking care of the planet. Grab a bag, head to the beach, the park, around your neighborhood, or even to the side of the road to pick up the trash that has been left behind. 

  3. Plant a tree, an herb garden, or some flowers. Even just a small hanging herb garden on your patio can make a difference when it comes to saving the planet. The more you grow, the less you’ll have to buy from stores that are less than eco-friendly. 

  4. Check out and listen to the Earth Day Livestream – April 22nd– Nature in the Race to Zero. You’ll get lots of information that can help you be a more eco-friendly individual. 

  5. Make crafts with recycled items or talk with your children about why the Earth Day 2023 date is so significant. Knowledge is power and the more future generations know about taking care of the planet the better.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day activities shouldn’t be something we do just once a year, they should be habits we keep to better protect our planet for future generations. If you’re up for the challenge, here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day that can help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • Opt for plant-based meals or meat-free days in your week. 

  • Start composting your organic waste. 

  • Refrain from using disposable packaging for take-out orders, sack-lunches, and everything in between. 

  • Ban single-use plastic in your home and workplaces if you can. 

  • Go pesticide-free. 

  • Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • Reduce water waste by limiting yourself to 5-minute showers and by turning the water off while you’re brushing your teeth. 

  • Use public transportation when available or ride your bike if you can. 

  • Use reusable bags instead of plastic when you do your shopping. 

  • Encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to be more earth-concious. 

  • Fight fast-fashion by purchasing more sustainable clothing items that you’ll use over and over again.

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