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Staying Safe on a Solo-Trip to Mexico

LIFESTYLE | Published on 02/10/2019
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Mexico’s becoming one of the top spots in the world for solo travel trips. While news outlets love to report on gang and drug violence, adventurers, enchanted by the country’s rich history and vibrant culture, are telling a very different story of Mexico’s appeal. Some people travel in groups or with their families to see the beauty of Mexico, but the number of solo female trips and individual men going to Mexico has been steadily growing. Solo travel trips allow you to make your own choices about what to do and where to go, and they’re an excellent opportunity for personal growth and learning. As you start to make a Mexico solo travel itinerary, use these tips and recommendations for a safe and exciting adventure.

Best Places to go on Solo Trips

Two of the best places to go on solo trips in Mexico are historical destinations and tropical paradises. For history lovers, Oaxaca and the Yucatan Peninsula hold ancient ruins and a wealth of museums in the midst of gorgeous landscapes and lush jungles. Mexico is also famous for its golden coastlines, and these are some of the safest and best places to go on solo trip adventures in the country. Here, the economy is built on tourism, so business owners and community members are invested in keeping the city safe for foreigners. Destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit are ideal for solo trips for women.

Safety Tips for Traveling

When traveling, safety is probably the number one concern, especially for solo female trips. Being in an unfamiliar city on your own can feel overwhelming and daunting. Before going, there are several online forums for solo trips for women. You can read posts and ask questions about your destination. One of the top tips you’ll find for solo travel in Mexico is to stick to tourist areas. These places usually have a strong police presence and lower crime rates. However, crime can happen anywhere at any time. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, and leave valuables in a hotel safe. When you experience solo travel in Mexico, it’s fun to meet up with other solo travelers for drinks. To stay safe, drink responsibly to keep your wits about you, and never give out your hotel or Mexico solo travel itinerary information. While you shouldn’t assume that everyone is out to get you, trust your gut if you feel uncomfortable on solo travel trips. When it’s time to head home, take a secure taxi or Uber, especially at night. These tips are great for solo female trips, but it’s wise for men and groups traveling in Mexico to follow as well. 

Things to do in Mexico Solo

Those who opt for solo travel in Mexico will likely experience feelings of loneliness at times, but with the number of things to do in Mexico solo and the increasing number of other travelers to meet, there’s no reason to be bored. Group tours and excursions are some of the best things to do in Mexico solo. As you zipline over the jungle canopy or explore ancient ruins, you can chat with other travelers and hear what they’ve been doing. You can balance your Mexico solo travel itinerary out with relaxing afternoons on the beach, local events, and walks along cobblestone streets in the tourist areas. If you would prefer not to eat alone, make plans with other travelers, or grab food to go and find a scenic beach or park to eat at. As you research your destination, you’ll find there’s always things to try and places to visit even when traveling alone.

Traveling alone is an exciting way to explore the world, and you’ll come back with more than souvenirs. You’ll likely have hilarious stories and a new sense of confidence. While you may have a full Mexico solo travel itinerary and meet new friends along the way, you’ll also find new comfort in being alone. Those who have traveled the world solo credit it with being a turning point and the adventure of a lifetime.

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