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Cabo San Lucas Hurricane Season

NEWS | Published on 22/07/2022
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Every year, hurricanes appear around the world, bringing heavy rains and often destruction to communities. If you’re planning a fall vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you’ll likely hear news about the rainy season and even warnings about hurricanes. Before getting worried about a Cabo San Lucas travel advisory, take time to research the Cabo San Lucas hurricane season to make the right travel choices for you and your family. When you do, you’ll see that your chances of visiting during a storm are low, and if you do, the city is prepared to keep you safe until the sun returns.

Does Cabo Get Hurricanes?

When you look at pictures of the sunny weather in Cabo San Lucas, it might be hard to believe there could ever be a storm. Does Cabo get hurricanes? Like any coastal city, it does, but they’re few and far between. The last major Cabo hurricane was in September 2014, Hurricane Odile, a category 3 hurricane that brought winds of 125 mph. While many families and businesses faced significant losses, the support of the community helped them quickly get back on their feet. Each year during the Pacific hurricane season, there’s always a chance that one will make landfall in Cabo. However, most are downgraded to a tropical storm, and many pass by out at sea.

When is Hurricane Season in Cabo San Lucas?

Technically, the Cabo San Lucas hurricane season lasts from May 15 through November 30, which is over half the year. If you research when is hurricane season in Cabo, you’ll see that storms are most active from August through October. This is considered the rainy season because even though most hurricanes are downgraded to a tropical storm status or pass by out at sea, there are typically short showers most afternoons.

Cabo San Lucas Weather During Hurricane Season

Even though September is the most active hurricane season, it’s not as bad as it sounds. At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the city mostly receives remnants of hurricanes or tropical storms. During this time, the Cabo San Lucas weather forecast will probably predict rain for a day or two each week, but you’ll likely have several days of sunny weather and clear skies. Because these days during the Cabo San Lucas hurricane season can be hot and humid, be sure to drink plenty of water and cool off in the pool or ocean.

What to do When it Rains in Cabo

Because there will likely be some rainy days during the most active hurricane season, be prepared to enjoy some days relaxing inside. Some of the best things to do in Los Cabos when it rains includes relaxing in the spa, doing some downtown shopping, and sampling the incredible and diverse gastronomy of the city. You can also take advantage of the time stuck inside to unwind with a good book or play a game together as a family. When the clouds blow away, you can head back out on your outdoor adventures.

Traveling to Cabo During Rainy Season

If you’re traveling to Cabo during the Pacific hurricane season, you’ll still be spending your days at the beach and exploring the beauty of the Baja Peninsula. The weather in Cabo San Lucas is fairly predictable. Most rainfall comes in the late afternoons, so most travelers schedule their outdoor activities and tours for the morning. If there are storms in Cabo, your resort staff will know what to do. They’ll have an emergency plan in place. Following their guidance during hurricane season will keep you safe, but if you are worried about the weather, pay attention to the forecast, and consider purchasing travel insurance.

How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane in Cabo

Because you’ll likely book your vacation in advance without knowing the exact forecast, it’s important to listen to all official warnings and instructions if a hurricane or tropical storm develops. If you’re worried about traveling in the fall, you can purchase travel insurance to help refund your vacation if there’s a Cabo San Lucas travel advisory. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, so it’s just as important to understand how to stay safe during a hurricane in Los Cabos. Follow all restrictions regarding being outside or getting in the water, and prepare by stocking up with essentials, like water, food, and candles or flashlights. However, if you’re staying in a Los Cabos resort, the staff there will have a safety plan in place, providing you with all instructions and provisions. Many of these resorts also have secondary locations to evacuate guests to if the Cabo San Lucas weather worsens.

The Best Time to Go to Cabo

So what makes Pacific hurricane season the best time to go to Cabo? Savvy travelers know this is the best time to score big on travel deals. Because many travelers are hesitant to vacation when there could be storms in Cabo, airlines and resorts offer their lowest prices of the year, and with fewer tourists there, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out on the beach, and there won’t be a line to get a table at the best restaurants in town.

If you look up when is hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll see that it’s right around the corner, but the reality is that most storms won’t come until later in the summer or early fall. Even then, most pass by, and the city has remained safe in the past several years. As the season gets closer, pay attention to all Cabo San Lucas travel advisory notices, and feel free to contact your resort about their plan for how to stay safe during a hurricane in Los Cabos.

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