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Famous People Visit the Beaches of Baja - Summer 2019

NEWS | Published on 15/08/2019
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Tourism in Cabo San Lucas is growing in 2019, and it’s not just your average families and honeymooners making their way to the tip of Baja California. This summer, it’s not uncommon to spot celebrities in Los Cabos lounging on the famous beaches and partying it up at the hottest clubs, especially since Hollywood is just a two-hour flight away. If you know where to spot celebrities in Mexico, you can party alongside them and enjoy the same natural beauty of Los Cabos. Keep your eyes open on your next vacation for more of the celebrities in Cabo 2019 will have.

If you’re walking along Medano Beach in front of its luxury resorts, you might do a double take. Stars like Jennifer Aniston love Cabo San Lucas just as much as you do. In fact, Jennifer Aniston has already visited the city twice this year with her former co-star, Courtney Cox, and other friends and celebrities in Cabo. The luxurious resorts here provide stars like Aniston with the glamor and privacy needed for a quick retreat or special event. With two recent Netflix hits out, Jennifer Aniston has plenty of reasons to celebrate and is very deserving of a relaxing vacation in Baja California.

Some of the most famous people to call Cabo San Lucas home are Adam Levin, the Maroon 5 singer, and his wife Behati Prinsloo, the Victoria’s Secret model. After getting married in Cabo, they fell in love with the natural beauty of the city, and they returned to celebrate their fifth anniversary this summer. If you’re wondering where to spot celebrities in Mexico, couples like Adam and Behati like the same activities you do: golfing and lounging by the pools at luxury resorts. Other stars like Emma Watson and Leslie Jones have taken advantage of privacy that luxury resorts and villas in Cabo can offer them. While you want to respect their privacy, don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting on famous people to finish teeing off at the golf course or wandering through the same art gallery as you.

Most celebrities in Cabo 2019 will have aren’t likely to announce their travel itineraries or which luxury resorts they’ll be staying at ahead of time, but there are a few places to check out if your hoping to see famous people on vacation. Iconic stars of Hollywood can be sighted at Cabo’s own iconic beach: Lover’s Beach. Actor Eddie Cibrian and country star LeAnn Rimes have been spotted having romantic rendezvous here on their Baja California vacation. There have also been sightings of celebrities in Los Cabos at the famous El Squid Roe nightclub, including pop stars and NFL players. The famous Cabo Wabo Cantina is where you can party like and even with a rock star, especially when owner Sammy Hagar of Van Halen is in town. However, where to spot celebrities in Mexico can be completely random. It might happen while you’re walking along the beach or when you sit down to dinner. 

There will always seem to be more and more celebrities in Los Cabos, from young Youtube sensations to classic A-listers. The luxurious resort lifestyle, the warm glow of the sun, and sparkling ocean waves that draw travelers from around the world also attract the glittering stars of Hollywood. While you might feel like a star yourself when you indulge in spa days and dine on gourmet food on vacation, there’s no telling what other celebrities in Cabo 2019 will have.

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