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Villa la Estancia has Received Recognition Traveler Review Awards 2021 by Booking

NEWS | Published on 09/02/2021
Optimizada villa la estancia beach resort and spa

For many travelers, is their gateway to the world, helping them discover and explore accommodations in large cities and coastal villages. Through their partnerships, Booking has helped influence the travel industry, and as more and more guests write reviews of different hotels, the company created Booking Review Awards to celebrate businesses that stand out for their hospitality. As travelers from around the world have splashed in the tropical pools, dined in the gourmet restaurants, and laid their heads down to rest at Villa la Estancia, they’ve become a part of the resort, and the glowing reviews they’ve written have earned it one of the Booking Review Awards has presented this year.

Booking Review Awards

After months of quarantine and fewer vacations, each and every trip held more significance, bringing loved ones together and giving travelers a chance to relax and unwind. To keep up with the changing times, hotels had to implement new policies while making sure guests felt safe and welcomed. Celebrating the Booking Review Awards honors the perseverance, commitment, and hospitality that helped businesses overcome these challenges, and like other guest review awards, recipients are chosen by everyday guests who have built lifelong memories and relationships with these destinations. As you look for where to travel next, the Booking Review Awards can give you confidence that you're choosing accommodations that are loved for both their world-class service and superior health and safety standards.

Villa la Estancia Cabo Among the Top Resorts in Mexico

Located on the famous Medano Beach of Cabo San Lucas, Villa la Estancia combines traditional Mexican charm with modern luxury for a resort that’s ideal for every type of vacation, from family trips to romantic getaways. Whether you're sharing a meal at one of the gourmet or casual restaurants or pampering yourself in the resort’s spa, you’ll feel comfortable and at home while surrounded by natural beauty and elegant facilities. Throughout the resort, the friendly staff will go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable and have everything you need for the vacation of your dreams. This attention to detail and service has earned the resort multiple guest review awards from travel publications and online sites.

Health and Safety

This year, travelers weren’t just looking for posh resorts and tranquil spas when booking their vacations. They needed a destination where health and sanitation were being prioritized, an escape where they could practice social distancing and trust that best practices were in place. As a leader in the local community, Villa la Estancia has quickly and continuously implemented protocols to protect the health of both guests and employees as well as the safety of the whole city. While you’ll notice hand sanitizer throughout the resort and limited occupancy in common areas, there’s a myriad of protocols behind the scenes that ensure your safety. Becoming familiar with these policies and abiding by the resort’s guidelines will help you have a safe and exciting vacation.

Earning guest review awards is extra special because they’re based on the daily experiences guests have at a resort, giving you a quick and trustworthy way to discover safe and comfortable destinations. The Traveller Review Award has given to Villa la Estancia reflects the hospitality and dedication the staff has for each and every guest, so whether you’re making crafts with the entertainment staff or working out in the fitness center, you’ll experience the comfort and joy of staying in one of Mexico’s premier resorts.

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