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When will Flights Resume?

NEWS | Published on 29/06/2020
Optimizada when will flights resume

As cities around the world are coming through the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the airline industry news is abuzz with reopened flights and lifted international and domestic flight travel restrictions. Staying home helped our communities ban together to fight the virus, and in accordance with advice from world health experts, we can start traveling to visit family, conduct business, and explore the world. While travelers and airlines still need to follow flight safety international guidelines, resorts are reopening, and planes are taking off.

Domestic Flight Travel Restrictions

When the Coronavirus first hit airline industry news, flights around the country were canceled. With orders to stay at home, travelers were no longer hoping on domestic flights, and many planes stayed grounded. To comply with domestic flight travel restrictions, people were advised to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in their destinations. Now that cities are reopening and flights are taking off, travelers should still practice caution and self-isolate to prevent the spread of diseases. Travelers to some cities may also have the option of getting tested for the virus once they reach their destination.

International Flight Restrictions

The main headlines in flight global news during the outbreak of the virus was international flight restrictions. Some travelers were banned entry into certain countries, and others could only land in select airports. While many flight safety international guidelines will continue to be in place throughout the summer, some restrictions will be lifted, but the answer to “when will flights resume?” largely depends on where you’re flying to. By checking governments’ websites, you can find the latest flight global news and international flight restrictions for your destination.

Flight Safety International Guidelines

When you hop on a plane, it’s important to be aware of the different precautionary measures airlines are implementing. Before these companies could answer the question “when will flights resume?”, they first had to create measures that aligned with guidelines from international health experts and ensured the safety of everyone on board. According to flight global news, the two main areas airlines are focusing on are sanitation and social distancing. Many planes are spending extra time on the ground to allow for deeper sanitization of all surfaces. To promote social distancing, flights are leaving seats open between passengers and limiting contact between stewards and travelers. While these measures aren’t profitable for companies, airlines are showing their commitment to your health and safety. 

When Does Southwest Open Flights to Mexico

Travelers looking to get away this summer on flights to Mexico, have been wondering when does Southwest open flights. Based on how the virus spread around Mexico, the answer depends on the destination. According to airline industry news, the first cities to have Southwest flights land have been Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. On June 7, Southwest planes touched down in these coastal cities known for their rich culture, vivid nightlife, and delicious cuisine. On October 8, Southwest flights to Mexico will also include Puerto Vallarta, a charming town on the west coast where small-town culture meets world-class hospitality. 

For those who have been rescheduling travel and wondering when will flights resume, these latest travel updates provide more clarity during what has been a time of uncertainty. With constant changes to flights, it’s still important to listen for updates and regularly check with airlines’ and governments’ websites, but with this news on when does Southwest open flights, travelers will have more confidence when making upcoming plans.

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