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Cabo San Lucas Covid Update: Travel Restrictions

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 25/01/2021
Optimizada coronavirus 2021 travel restrictions updates in cabo san lucas mexico

Throughout the pandemic, the city of Los Cabos has been quick to respond to COVID-19 updates, protecting the local community and ensuring that travelers are safe. As the Coronavirus vaccine is dispensed around the world, travelers are once again booking getaways to the sunny shores of Los Cabos, and while the Mexico travel advisory remains low, a new travel restrictions update from Canada and an update to the CDC travel guidelines for the United States have added another step for returning travelers. With the help of the Villa La Estancia Los Cabos team, navigating these safety measures is quick and simple. Here you’ll find answers to important questions, such as “Do I need a COVID test to travel to Mexico?” and “Are there requirements for a COVID test to enter United States territory?” Read on to find out all you need to know about Mexico travel restrictions and more.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Visit Now?

While many first-time travelers ask “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?”, the response now revolves more around health and sanitation than ever before. The current Mexico travel advisory urges visitors to abide by local protocols and policies based on the latest COVID-19 updates and CDC travel guidelines, and throughout your vacation, you’ll be required to wear a face mask and have your temperature checked before entering shops and restaurants. Travelers who wonder is Cabo San Lucas safe will feel reassured by the city’s commitment to these practices. These safety measures have kept the number of Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus cases low and kept the city open to visitors. By following these guidelines, there will hopefully be no increase to the Mexico travel advisory.

Do I Need a COVID Test to Travel to Mexico?

No, there are currently no Mexico travel restrictions for travelers coming into the country. The Mexican government does, however, ask that all citizens and visitors comply with suggested Coronavirus protocols, such as the use of a facemask and social distancing in public places. Many of these protocols are in compliance with CDC travel guidelines and suggestions from the World Health Organization.

Is there a Requirement for a COVID Test to Enter United States Territory?

Yes, the United States recently issued a CDC Coronavirus update that includes testing requirements for all passengers traveling to or through the country. The CDC travel guidelines now specifically require that all air passengers, age 2 and above, present proof of a negative viral COVID test to enter United States territory (antigen or NAAT). In lieu of a negative test, passengers may alternatively present Recovery Documentation, which includes proof of a recent positive test result with a letter of recovery from a certified health professional that clears the passenger for travel. Anyone not presenting either of the two documents will be denied access to boarding on flights into the United States.

What is the Latest Canadian Travel Restrictions Update?

The latest travel restrictions update comes from Canada, and their new policy requires anyone entering the country, both citizens and foreigners to present negative COVID test results. The test must be a molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test administered within 72 hours of a traveler’s departing flight. Bill Blair, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, reminds travelers that the new travel ban update does not replace the previously mandated 14-day quarantine: “The new testing requirement is an additional layer of protection that helps make Canada’s border measures among the strongest in the world.”

How Can I Get a Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Test?

Abiding by this travel ban update is simple and convenient for guests at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. Information about booking and paying for the test can be found at check-in, and the staff is happy to be of assistance in making this process as easy as possible for guests. Should a guest receive a positive test result, the resort has safety measures in place for a secure quarantine. While the Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus protocols and practices will hopefully keep you healthy throughout your trip, the Villa La Estancia team is prepared to help you with any COVID-19 updates. Recently, Grupo Aeropuerto del Pacifico (the Pacific Airport Group) announced that each of their 12 airports, including the airport that services Los Cabos, will now have a temporary, on-site laboratory that will administer COVID-19 testing for passengers requiring it.

The new travel ban update from Canada only blocks those without valid test results from entering the country, and with the assistance of Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, having your results ready in time is easy and convenient. By abiding by local rules and policies, you’ll protect your own health and make it easier for you to continue to travel, but no matter what happens, the staff at Villa la Estancia Los Cabos is prepared to help you stay healthy and safe.

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