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Covid Test to Travel: Do I Have to Get Tested If I Already Had Covid-19?

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 02/02/2021
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With no Mexico travel restrictions 2021, people are once again setting their sights on the sunny shores of Cabo San Lucas, making plans for a safe and relaxing escape after months of quarantining. Since the Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus numbers are remaining low, the city remains open to visitors, but as other countries start to implement COVID travel restrictions, it’s important to look at your home country’s safety measures and COVID-19 updates. Both the US and Canada are requiring all incoming passengers to present negative PCR or antigen COVID test results before entering. Each new travel restrictions update raises a variety of questions: Do I need a COVID test to fly? What COVID test do I need to travel? What’s the difference between antigen and PCR test options? Do I still need a test if I've had COVID-19 recently? Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all these questions, take a few moments to research the latest travel COVID test requirements so that you can still have a dreamy vacation with strolls along the beach and days spent sailing the open water.

Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly?

The biggest travel question right now is “Do I need a COVID test to fly?”, and the answer depends on your destination. A number of countries are now requiring incoming passengers to have a negative COVID test to travel within their borders, and while the latest Mexico travel restrictions 2021 do not require testing, the current US and Canada COVID travel restrictions and safety measures do. These travel COVID test rules apply to both citizens and foreigners entering the US and Canada, but it does not apply to domestic flights. If you’re not crossing international borders, you do not need a COVID test to travel.

What Kind of COVID Test Do I Need to Travel?

As you ask “What kind of COVID test do I need to travel?”, the answer will depend on your destination. Canada requires passengers to have results from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, but incoming visitors and citizens to the US can have either a NAAT test, which includes PCR tests, or a viral antigen COVID test done. It’s important to note that both countries’ COVID travel restrictions update requires results from tests administered within 72 hours of your departing flight. Other than country requirements, there are two important things to know about the difference between antigen and PCR test options. The PCR test typically costs more than an antigen test, and while PCR test results typically take 2-3 days, you can have antigen COVID test results in just a few hours. Despite this important difference between antigen and PCR test results, you can easily book your travel COVID test in advance so that you have everything you need in time for your flight.

What COVID Test do I Need to Travel if I Already had the Virus?

The only travelers who don’t need to ask “What COVID test do I need to travel?” are those traveling to the United States who have posted positive for and recovered from the virus in the last three months. Because world health experts do not recommend getting tested soon after recovering, these travelers will not need another COVID test to travel but will instead need documentation of their recovery: their original positive COVID test results from within the past three months and a letter approving them for travel from their physician written on official letterhead with their name, telephone number, and address. To comply with the latest COVID-19 updates from these countries, documentation can be written or electronic.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Travel?

Because there haven’t been any new Mexico travel restrictions 2021, visitors are once again basking in the warm weather and vibrant culture of Cabo San Lucas, but when you visit, it’s important to follow Cabo San Lucas safety warnings about hygiene and social distancing. The early and swift response of the local government and business leaders has kept Cabo San Lucas safe to travel, and with a variety of safety measures in place, your health and wellbeing are prioritized throughout your stay. Abiding by all the local Cabo San Lucas safety warnings and preventive procedures will help protect your own health and the local community, and as you practice social distancing and good hygiene, you’ll be able to explore the natural beauty and the luxurious amenities of the city while doing your part to keep Cabo San Lucas safe to travel. Even though there is no official travel restrictions update about needing a test to visit Mexico, following the Cabo San Lucas safety warnings and travel tips will help keep your travel seamless and worry free as you prepare to leave and take your Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus test.

Don’t stay up late at night asking yourself “What kind of COVID test do I need to travel?” and worrying about canceling your vacation. Finding the answers to your questions about the latest COVID-19 updates and getting a Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus test is quick and simple, giving you a peace of mind as you start to book outdoor activities and pack your bags.

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