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Guide to Write your own Wedding Vows

WEDDINGS | Published on 25/05/2021
Optimizada how to write wedding vows

Traditional wedding vows are beautiful for their simplicity, but for modern couples, reading the same statement as millions of others doesn’t always fit the next chapter of their love story. Unless you’re having a religious ceremony that requires a particular bride vows to groom or groom vows to bride, writing your own original wedding vows gives you the chance to say exactly what you feel and mean. However, with all the emotions of the day, you will want to take time to plan out what you’ll say, writing something that’s both heartfelt and appropriate.

Read Through Different Traditional and Original Wedding Vows

When you search for what are the traditional wedding vows, you’ll find a few different variations of the typical “for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” However, many couples try to avoid some of the bride wedding vows that conform to traditional gender stereotypes, but even if they don’t speak to you, they’ll give you an idea of what’s traditionally said. Knowing what are the traditional wedding vows gives you an idea of what to look for as you read modern, original vows. As you do, take note of what you like and dislike.

Discuss How to Write Wedding Vows with Your Partner

Before writing your vows, agree with your partner on what you want your original wedding vows to sound like. Do you want lighthearted and funny vows? Do you want to include tradition or religion in them? What are you going to promise? Agreeing on how to write wedding vows and even how long they should be will keep you on the same page and create unity to the ceremony.

Begin with What You Love about Your Partner

When it comes to writing, sometimes the hardest part is getting started. To start writing bride vows to groom or groom vows to bride, start by stating what you love about your partner. Maybe it’s their sense of humor or willingness to go out of their way to help others. Starting off with these reasons will remind you why you’ve decided to promise yourself to your partner, making the process of how to write wedding vows simple and romantic.

Make Promises for Your Future

The most important parts of both groom and bride wedding vows are the promises. On your wedding day, you’re committing to spend your lives together, supporting each other through thick and thin. Even if you’re writing your vows separately, this is probably a conversation you’ve had before. The foundation of your vows and your future together is understanding what you want for your relationship and what you’re going to promise to each other.

Write it All Down

When it’s time for the groom vows to bride and bride vows to groom, everyone can get a little teary eyed. While it seems romantic to memorize your wedding vows, the best idea is to write them down and ask someone in your wedding party to carry them, just in case. Whether you need to look at your vows or you’re able to get through it without stumbling, you’ll have your written vows to frame and look back on forever.

Today, many groom and bride wedding vows sound a little different than they used to. There’s often more humor and personalized stories with fewer stereotypical promises. However, you’ll still want to base your vows on love and promises for the future. Looking at what are the traditional wedding vows that couples have said for centuries will help inspire you to write the next part of your love story.

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