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A Day at the Best Cabo Spa

WELLNESS | Published on 25/09/2019
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Vacations are a chance to indulge in experiences you don’t normally take time for and they bring about the best opportunities to allow yourself to be pampered. Whether you’re heading out for a girl’s getaway, a golf weekend, or a family vacation, a Los Cabos spa day is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin and muscles while on vacation in the sunny city. There are popular locations for wellness retreats in Mexico, but even if you’re traveling on your own, staying at a Cabo San Lucas spa hotel gives you the chance to invest in your own health. This guide for the ultimate Los Cabos spa day will help bring healing to your body and mind while on vacation.

Hydrate Before and After a Los Cabos Spa Day

The pressure of massages and steam of saunas release toxins from your body, making it important to stay hydrated both before and after getting a treatment at a day spa. Even a relaxing massage in Cabo releases toxins from your body, so be sure to sip fresh water to ensure your body is able to make the most of the experience. The best Cabo San Lucas spas offer flavored waters and juices to keep you hydrated between treatments.

Save on Facial Spa Packages

For a full Los Cabos spa day, you may be tempted to book more than one treatment. However, it’s easy for the cost to add up. Seeking out facial spa packages that combine treatments for a lower price can give you an array of services that will pamper your whole body. As you browse facial spa packages, look for those that offer a variety of treatments, such as a relaxing massage in Cabo, pedicures, full-body scrubs, deep cleansing facials, and so much more. When you choose the best Cabo San Lucas spas and their packages, you’ll experience the best of wellness retreats in Mexico.

Relax and Soak up the Sun

At the best Cabo San Lucas spas, you can take a break from your treatments to relax and retreat into solitude. Step out by the pool at your Cabo San Lucas spa hotel to soak up some vitamin D and read a good book. Even after a relaxing massage in Cabo, it’s nice to stretch a little and have a change of scenery before diving back into your next day spa treatment.

Dip into the Hydrotherapy Circuit

Hydrotherapy circuits set the best Cabo San Lucas spas apart. This circuit of cool dipping pools, jacuzzis, and saunas gets your blood pumping, delivering oxygen throughout your body and cleansing cells of toxins. Before or after a relaxing massage in Cabo San Lucas, many spas include access to the circuit to spa patrons. Even if you can’t attend wellness retreats in Mexico, you can create your own with this addition to your Los Cabos spa day.

Get Glammed Up

After a day of pampering and relaxing at your Cabo San Lucas spa hotel, you may feel like getting glammed up for an elegant dinner or sunset cruise. Before leaving the spa, getting your nails done or your hair blown out will help you transition into your evening, feeling your best and looking fabulous. Although if you just feel like heading back to your suite and ordering room service, that’s a perfect way to end a day of relaxation.

Indulging in a full day at the spa is a true vacation. With spa service packages, hydrotherapy circuits, and relaxing moments in between, it’s easy to indulge all day long. Make a trip to the day spa a priority on your next Cabo vacation.

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