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Benefits of Going to the Beach

WELLNESS | Published on 15/02/2019
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While few people need a list of reasons to go to the beach, the following summary of the physical and mental health benefits of the beach might encourage you to make it more of a priority. Visiting the beach can have profound effects on your overall health, and while most won’t disagree with the good things about the beach, the reality is that few truly know and understand the vast array of beach benefits. From healing skin ailments to boosting your energy, beach health benefits go much deeper than you might think.

The Soothing Sound of the Waves Relaxes our Mind and Body

There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of the waves while lounging seaside. While you may think its your imagination, there are actually studies done that prove that the benefits of going to the beach include heightened rejuvenation as your brain’s wave patterns find a truly calming state. What’s more, when you play in the waves, your body is forced to send more blood to your heart as you float. This increased blood flow maximises your alertness, making the waves one of the best reasons to go to the beach.

The Fresh Sea Breeze is Good for Your Nighttime Zzzs

Some may disagree, but one of the best benefits of beach is how exhausted you feel afterward. That exhaustion, while not always welcome, means that you’ll get a better night’s sleep when it is time to lay down. The fresh air, which wafts by your body at the beach, is filled with negative ions that positively affect your body’s ability to take in as much oxygen as possible. The elevated levels of oxygen allow us to enter a deep level of relaxation, which is why you always sleep better after a day in the sand. Experts argue that the good things about the beach can be felt hours, even days, after you leave.

The Salty Ocean Air Lifts Your Spirits

In addition to ensuring you sleep well at night, the ocean breeze also brings about a some strong mental health benefits of the beach. The most significant of these beach benefits is the elevation of your mood as the cool ocean breeze helps you combat depression. The salty air, which holds a host of negative ions, can boost your serotonin levels, making you happier, longer. Therefore, according to the research, the benefits of going to the beach not only affect your physical, but also your mental health.

Soaking Up UV Rays is Good for Your Mental Health

While soaking up mass amounts of rays isn’t always great for your skin, spending a bit of time under the sun is good for your mental health and is by far one of the best beach health benefits. The heat from the sun’s rays positively affects our endocrine system. This important part of the body is responsible for regulating our metabolism, growth, sleep, and other functions. Just being seaside means you’ll be soaking up the benefits of beach activity.

Sunbathing May Help Alleviate Some Skin Issues

The benefits of going to the beach are maximized when taken in moderation. We all know that too much sun can be harmful to our skin, but when enjoyed in moderate doses, and always with skin protection, the UV Rays can actually be beneficial to your skin’s health. Among the best beach benefits is the sun’s ability to help alleviate certain skin issues, such as psoriasis, which require that the skin rejuvenate itself more quickly. When you spend time in the sun, your skin becomes dry and flakes off faster than it would if you weren’t. Combine that with the natural exfoliators of salt and sand, and you’ll be on your way to healthier skin in no time.

The benefits of beach activities are endless and when enjoyed in moderation, they can truly support a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t made it to the beach lately, consider this a prescription for a bit of time in the sun, soaking up the waves, and enjoying the seaside playground. These beach health benefits are just a few of the very good reasons to go to the beach.

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