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What To Do When You Fall Sick in a Foreign Land

WELLNESS | Published on 22/08/2019
Optimizada sick in a foreign land

Getting sick and feeling ill are never any fun, but getting sick while on vacation is even worse. Instead of splashing in the waves or exploring the local environment, you find yourself panicking and wondering what to do. When you’re out of your daily life and in a foreign culture, figuring out what to do when you get sick while traveling can add unnecessary stress to your illness. Knowing what to do if you become sick in a foreign land or even become hospitalized in a foreign country will have you ready for whatever life throws your way. 

Don’t Panic

If you wake up and think you’re getting sick while on vacation, it’s important not to panic and make things worse. First, calmly note how you’re feeling and track the pain and discomfort’s progression. To prevent travel sickness, make sure to drink plenty of water, avoid exposure to extreme heat, and get plenty of sleep. Pushing yourself to your limits by being in the sun all day or hopping from tour to tour can make you susceptible to becoming sick in a foreign land, especially during flu season. If you get sick while traveling, the first thing to do is relax, take it easy, and consume water and nutrients to prevent travel sickness from progressing.

Notify Your Concierge

When resting and drinking fluids doesn’t stop you from getting sick while on vacation, it’s time to notify your hotel staff and concierge. They have experience in helping guests who have become sick in a foreign land and know what it’s like to be hospitalized in a foreign country. They can assist in recommending a doctor or pharmacy, making figuring out what to do easier. Some resorts even have an onsite doctor who can help diagnose your illness and get you additional medical attention if necessary.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

As people think about how to prevent travel sickness, they often look into traveler’s insurance or check their existing coverage for international coverage. If you don’t already know what medical care is covered for you when you get sick while traveling, call your insurance provider to see what they provide. Even if you are hospitalized in a foreign country, you’ll often be surprised at how inexpensive health care can be.

See a Doctor

If you symptoms haven’t gone away with some rest and hydration, it’s time to seek medical attention. Your insurance company or hotel staff can direct you to a reputable clinic where you can receive the help you need. Even if you think your illness isn’t that bad and you would rather spend the day at the beach, going to see a medical professional is the best option for feeling better quickly.

Take it Easy

As you recover, give yourself permission to take it easy. On vacation, you may want to be on the go, doing and seeing as much as possible. However, you don’t want to return home feeling poorly, so take advantage of the tranquil moments of vacation to relax and recover. Resting and drinking plenty of water isn’t just important during flu season. Letting your body recover is just as important on vacation. 

Don’t let getting sick ruin your vacation. Whether you’re traveling during flu season or not, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little tired or queasy during your journey. Knowing what steps to take when you feel ill and giving yourself time to recover will help you return to normal so that you can enjoy every moment of vacation.

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