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Eating Healthy in Los Cabos

LIFESTYLE | Published on 23/01/2019
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After Mexico vacations, you want to return home feeling refreshed and rested, with a warm glow to your skin. However, overindulging in oily foods, large meals, and sugary drinks will leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, not ready to return to work and daily life. Choosing to eat healthy on vacation will help revitalize your body and spirit. Enjoying healthy restaurants and sampling fresh local produce will allow you to still treat yourself in Los Cabos without polluting your body and making you feel slow.

Find a Balance

You don’t want to feel restricted or be counting calories every second of your Mexico vacations, so you’ll need to create a healthy eating plan while on vacation that emphasizes balance, leaving you room for special treats while establishing goals. For instance, a good balanced diet of healthy foods includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. In your healthy eating plan while on vacation, set a goal of eating two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables each day. Some healthy food examples in Mexico include guacamole, salsa, pineapple, mango, and bountiful salads. In Los Cabos, fresh seafood that’s grilled is another good option for your healthy eating plan while on vacation. Eating fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish will balance out spicy tacos and frozen margaritas.

Choose Where To Eat

As the world has grasped onto all the healthy food benefits for our bodies and environment, healthy restaurants have embraced the task of using nature’s wealth to create exquisite dining experiences. At Mint Jungle & Amber's Market, you can eat healthy on vacation without missing out on flavor and unique choices with roasted salsas, freshly squeezed juices, hand tossed pizzas, blue corn tortillas, and French toast with homemade gluten-free bread. At Cynthia Fresh Organik Restaurant, chefs are creating healthy food recipes for you, like chicken parmesan, mediterranean sea bass, fish tacos, and seasoned fries. Made with healthy food recipes, these dishes are all fresh and created from real ingredients. Cabo is even known to have some of the best Farm to Table Restaurants in the nation, which makes eating fresh, healthy meals on vacation easier than ever.

Learn About Your Food

One of the unique trends in healthy restaurants are farm to table restaurants, and outside Los Cabos are a number of farms laid out on verdant pastures with elegant dining rooms where you can eat organic, homegrown meats and vegetables prepared into truly unique healthy food recipes. At the farms, chefs will share with you about the process that went into growing and preparing your meal. For dinner in a gorgeous environment with gourmet food, reserve a table at Tomatillos, Flora Farms, Jazamango Restaurant, or Los Tamarindos, and you’ll also learn more about healthy food benefits and cooking.

Snack Wisely

Between meals or while lounging on the beach, it’s important to not just reach for potato chips and packaged cookies. Snacking on healthy food will allow you to treat yourself later to something special for dinner or dessert. Some healthy food examples for snacking that are still fun to enjoy on Mexico vacations are salsas and guacamole or fresh fruits from a local market. For a true Mexican treat, cut up some jicama or cucumber and top with Tajin seasoning.


One of the most important things to remember as you eat healthy on vacation is to hydrate. Your body can mistake thirst for hunger, so try drinking a glass of water before eating to satisfy your body’s cravings. Drinking more water will also limit your consumption of sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Getting all the healthy food benefits of having more energy and feeling stronger while on vacation will make your time in Mexico even more rewarding. If you try some of these healthy food examples and tips, you can jump start a more intentional lifestyle back home.

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