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Memorable Life Experiences in Cabo

LIFESTYLE | Published on 18/05/2019
Optimizada cabo experiences

It is easy to turn your vacation into a series of life’s greatest experiences in Cabo San Lucas Mexico when you treat each day of your trip as a gift. The diverse Cabo attractions and activities make for unforgettable moments, and the vast array of incredible things to do in Cabo means each day can hold memories you’ll cherish forever. When planning your trip to the stunning destination, there are a few Cabo activities you will want to try and a number of places you’ll want to visit in order to make the most of your time.

Some of the best Cabo excursions are those off the beaten path. Because the city is one of the most popular destinations on the planet, it may seem hard to find moments to yourself, but if you look in just the right places, there is actually an abundance of opportunities to be at one with nature or in the company of just the ones you love. For an exquisite adventure and one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, visit Balandra Beach, a hidden gem where turquoise waters, picturesque mountains, and calm serenity abound. What makes a visit to this beach one of the most stunning experiences in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is that Balandra Beach is a circular bay so shallow that you can walk across it. The waters come up to your knees, and the surface is glassy smooth, making it ideal for paddleboarding or swimming with children. While the public transportation to get here is cheap and easy, it’s far less crowded than beaches near the city, giving you the experience of being at a luxurious private beach in paradise.

Mother Nature has created some of the best Cabo attractions, and immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of the landscape that entices travelers from around the world restores your spirit and refreshes your energy with some light exercise. Some of the best Cabo excursions take you out of the city to wild landscapes few travelers get to see. At Cañón de la Zorra at Rancho Sol de Mayo, you can swim under a 35-foot cascading waterfall. For a true test of strength and endurance, climbing El Picacho mountain will overwhelm you not only with a sense of accomplishment but also with panoramic views of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. A 7,000-foot climb over 15 miles, this adventure will truly push you to your limits. The beauty and uniqueness of these experiences in Cabo San Lucas create memories that last forever while getting you closer to the heart of the land.

If speed and adrenaline are what you’re looking for in your Cabo activities, there are adventures here that will get your heart racing. Take a deep breathe and leap from a glass-bottomed gondola with Wild Canyon, and bungee jump into a rugged canyon. While some might say not to look down from great heights, this is one time you’ll want to. The striking beauty of the landscape will take your breath away if the fall doesn’t. This is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for adrenaline junkies. Those who prefer speed to heights can race over rugged trails on ATVs, going into canyons and up mountains away from the city. Slide over sand dunes onto the beach and up oceanside cliffs to discover the beauty of Cabo.

The marine animals that call the Pacific Ocean home are some of the most-loved Cabo attractions. Cabo Pulmo National Park holds one of Cabo’s greatest treasures: a 20,000-years-old coral reef, the oldest in North America. Snorkel or dive here to encounter the colorful ecosystem of tropical fish and marine animals who live in the warm waters. Within the city, one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas to meet marine mammals is swimming with dolphins. Splashing in the pool and diving under the surface of the water with these graceful and friendly creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the whole family will love. For a more daring dive, you can swim with whale sharks out in the ocean. These sharks are gentle, posing no threat to humans, and witnessing them up close is a memorable experience you can’t find anywhere else.

The bestCabo excursions take you away from the ordinary to experience the wild beauty of the Baja Peninsula that has captivated explorers’ and travelers’ hearts for centuries. Scheduling in some of these Cabo activities and tours will enrich your vacation and give you memories to look back on for the rest of your life.

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