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Navigating the Cabo San Lucas Airport

LIFESTYLE | Published on 14/09/2018
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Navigating the Cabo San Lucas airport can be a bit tricky if you’ve never visited the top destination in Mexico before. Even though the Cabo airport is relatively small, making your way through immigration, customs, the timeshare pit, and everything in between can seem a bit overwhelming, but if you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself breezing through the arrival and departure process in no time at all.

Dress Accordingly.

While not always the case, your first experience with the warm Cabo weather might be right as you are deboarding the plane. Much like other airports in sunny destinations, when you arrive at the airport in Cabo San Lucas you might have to walk down a set of stairs onto the runway before entering the terminal. Given that Cabo weather is often warmer than your place of origin, wearing layers that can easily be removed is a good idea, When you dress accordingly, you can begin enjoying the sunshine without delay.

Tourist Visas.

When entering Mexico via the airport in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll need a tourist visa that allows you to legally stay up to 180 days in paradise. This little piece of cardstock will be given to you on the plane, where it can easily be filled in before you arrive, or at the gate once you enter the airport. Make sure you have it ready because you and everyone in your party will need it to get through immigration. You also need to make sure you hold onto the bottom portion, which will be given back to you by the immigration agent, because you’ll need it when exiting the country.


Just when you think you’ve made it out of the Los Cabos airport, you will be thrown into what seems like a shark tank swarming with timeshare representatives. These individuals will invite you to a free ride to your hotel, a number Cabo tours, and most importantly to a timeshare presentation at the hotel they represent. If you’re up for exploring vacation ownership opportunities in Cabo San Lucas, hear them out, if not, kindly decline their invitation and keep walking. Once you’ve made it out of their corredor, you’ll be able to grab a taxi, rent a car, or meet your transportation.

Airport Transfers.

One of the best ways to make your Cabo San Lucas airport arrival as smooth as possible is to have an airport transfer set up before you arrive. While this is the closest airport to Cabo San Lucas, it still remains far enough away that getting a taxi from the airport to your hotel can be costly. If you set up your Cabo airport transfer beforehand, you’ll have a better time finding cost friendly fares.

Departing for your Return Flight.

While it may be tempting to soak up the last bit of beautiful Cabo weather as much as you can before heading back to the Los Cabos airport, you’ll want to be ready to leave your resort at least three hours before your scheduled departure time. In doing so, you’ll ensure you arrive early enough to calmly check in your bags, make your way to your departure gate, and visit immigration in case you’ve lost your tourist visa. Keep in mind, the Los Cabos airport is the closest airport to Cabo San Lucas even though it is around 45 minutes away. Attempting to rush the process at the end of your trip can leave you with a bitter taste you’ll surely want to avoid.

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