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Work and Vacation: Reasons to Take a Workation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 11/09/2020
Optimizada workation guide

As more and more of our lives and work moves online, people around the world are taking advantage of new capabilities to work and vacation at the same time, but you don’t have to work solely online to figure out how to work remotely. Workations are becoming one of the latest remote work trends and for good reason. When you combine work with a vacation, you’re more likely to be productive and a better employee. 

What is a workation? The workation definition is simple: work + a vacation. For most employees, this means logging into work during the day, answering emails and video conferencing with coworkers, before heading out to explore a new destination. These trips can last a few days or even a few weeks. Because the workation definition is so flexible, people are loving all the reasons to take a vacation while working from your not-so-at home office.

Travel the World without Missing Work

While working on vacation used to be frowned on, it’s now become a smart hack for traveling the world without using all your paid time off. Before you go, create a plan with your boss and coworkers for how to work remotely using shared documents and video conferencing. Once you’ve arrived in your destination, it’s important to stick to a schedule for a work vacation so that you can stay in touch and don’t return home to a full inbox and pile of memos. Balancing both work and vacation is the key to getting the most out of your workation, and being able to have both is one of the top reasons to take a vacation while still working.

Take Your Work to the Beach

Working on vacation doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your room during the day. Trade your home office for a hammock on the beach or a balcony overlooking the ocean. You can even explore local coffee shops to find the perfect spot for working on vacation. There are countless destinations to choose from, but make sure you make smart decisions. Look for a place that has received the Safe Travels stamp form the World Travel & Tourism council, a seal that a community is following strict protocols to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In addition, you can also look to the U.S. Department of State for advice. They recently downgraded Mexico from a level four Travel Advisory to a level three, meaning it is safer to travel to destinations throughout the country, such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit, who also have the Safe Travels seal. The ability to work in your own space and experience new places has so many people looking into how to work remotely and asking “What is a workation?”

Alleviate the Stress of Daily Life

Escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and surrounding yourself with the tranquility of nature can help alleviate some of the stresses of work. Slowing down and finding a quiet spot to work will help you to focus and can refresh your passion for what you do. At the end of the work day, visiting local attractions and enjoying vacation life will replace running errands and doing housework. Having this time to invest in your own well-being is one of the best reasons to take a vacation, and it’s influenced a number of remote work trends

Find Renewed Productivity

While some bosses might worry that the vacation part of the workation definition would come before getting actual work done, more employees have noticed increased productivity when combining work and vacation. Getting out of the regular 9-to-5 grind helps you create new productive habits, and without the distractions of workplace noises and chats with coworkers, you’ll be able to focus on accomplishing your work vacation goals.

Recharge Your Creativity

Whether you work in an artistic field or not, creativity is vital to growing professionally and personally, and with a change of scenery, inspiration can strike at any time. Whether you’re rebranding a website or putting together a proposal, recharging your creativity is one of the many reasons to take a work vacation. From the beauty of the landscape to the excitement of a new culture, you’ll find new ideas everywhere you look.

When you return home, you’ll be ready to jump back into work without worrying about all that’s piled up while you were away, but you’ll also have incredible memories of rugged hikes and dinners on the beach. Like many other remote work trends, a workation can be your chance to see the world while growing professionally. When your coworkers see how much you’ve accomplished and the stunning photos you’ve posted on social media, they’ll be asking “What is a workation?”

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