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Tips for Safe Family Swimming in Cabo San Lucas

LIFESTYLE | Published on 05/08/2022
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Cabo San Lucas beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. The stunning landscapes, soft sands, and myriad of things to do on the beach, make them ideal for family beach vacations, but not all of them allow you to swim safely, which is why it’s important to follow safety tips before visiting Cabo San Lucas beaches for swimming, especially if you’re traveling to Cabo with kids. The following list of places to go and guidelines to follow will ensure you and your family have a safe trip to Cabo.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

Due to reports of strong undercurrents and wild waves, many travelers have come to ask, “Is Cabo San Lucas safe for swimming?” The answer is overwhelmingly yes, but there are things to be aware of when taking a family beach vacation in the Baja paradise. There are some Cabo San Lucas beaches for swimming and others that are better suited to other activities, like surfing, boogie boarding, or lounging in the sun. Before you head into the water, even if it's a swimming beach, look for the flags that indicate water conditions and heed warnings provided by local authorities, lifeguards, or signage. Most of the time, you’ll be able to swim safely without any problems, but there are times when ocean currents, marine animals, and nearby weather can make it unsafe.

The Best Cabo San Lucas Beaches for Swimming

No two Cabo San Lucas beaches are the same. While one might be a great place for splashing in the surf with little kids, the beach right next door may be a place where swimming is totally discouraged for beachgoers of any age. The following list of Cabo San Lucas beaches for swimming will help you make safe decisions on your family beach vacation.

Medano Beach

Close to downtown, this is the most popular swimming beach and probably the best when visiting Cabo with kids. It is ideal for both wading in the water and a number of leisurely water sports, like paddle boarding and kayaking, which is why you should book a resort on this beach if you plan on swimming in the ocean daily. You’ll find some of the best all inclusive resorts located on the shores of this beach and a number of fun restaurants where you can lounge in the sun while dining on delicious cuisine

Lover’s Beach

Located on Land’s End near the El arco rock formation, this swimming beach is popular among those who want to lounge on a public beach, snorkel with beautiful schools of fish, and take in the stunning views all while remaining close to town. Lover’s Beach allows you to swim safely, however, its neighboring beach, Divorce Beach, is very dangerous and you shouldn’t get in the water there at all. 

Chileno Beach

Of all the Cabo San Lucas beaches, this one gets a lot of love. It’s stunning, fun, and more of a local experience than the previous two. While Chileno Beach is okay for swimming, it is important to look at the flags and signs that indicate when and where it is safe to swim, and when it isn’t. If you do head into the water here, be sure to take your snorkeling equipment because schools of fish are plentiful and the memories are amazing. 

Cabo Pulmo

If you’re up for heading a bit further out of town, Cabo Pulmo is a fantastic option. The secluded beach is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and sight seeing, but because it's a protected marine park, you won’t find bathrooms, shops, or restaurants nearby, so come prepared. 

Safety Tips for Traveling to Cabo with Kids

Knowing the following safety tips will help keep you and your family safe on your next beach vacation. 

  1. Heed safety warnings! Look for orange or red flags on the beach, signs that indicate strong currents, or lifeguard warnings that may save your life. If there are no warnings, proceed with caution. 

  2. Always swim with a buddy and never leave kids unattended. Ocean waters can be unpredictable, especially because you’ll be sharing the sea with other creatures that might not be so forgiving when you get into their space. 

  3. Use sunscreen frequently! While you might not be the type that burns, where there is sun, there is a way. Swimming not only wears away your sunscreen more frequently, but the water reflects the sun's rays, making them more intense. Avoid the burn by applying a new coat of sunscreen every few hours. 

  4. Stay relatively close to shore.- The further you swim out, the more dangerous it gets. Not only is the water deeper, the animals bigger, and the waves more daunting, but you put yourself at risk of getting hit by boats that are passing by. When you stay closer to shore, it won’t be so hard to swim in when you get tired or something else happens that you need to get out of the water quickly. 

Is Cabo San Lucas safe for swimming? Yes, but knowing these safety tips will ensure you and your family have all the right type of memories on your vacation! 

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