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5 Ways to Turn Up the Romance Cabo Style

LIFESTYLE | Published on 08/05/2019
Optimizada romantic escape in cabo

For new couples taking their first romantic getaway or spouses celebrating milestones, a Cabo romantic trip is a chance to rekindle romance and turn up the heat. There are plenty of ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos that combine quality time, intimacy, and luxury for the best date nights. Indulge in exciting adventures during the day that turn into a romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas. For a few ideas of different romance styles, add some of these five ways to turn up the romance Cabo style into your next getaway with your partner.

Sail The Sea

For a day of luxury and intimacy, a trip on a private yacht, fishing boat, or catamaran gives you the chance to indulge in gourmet food and premium beverages while getting the best views of the sea and land. After sailing around, many charter options let you snorkel and encounter marine life or paddleboard over the surf. Some options for hiring a boat on your Cabo romantic trip are Cabo Sailing, Cabo Adventures, and Cabo Sails. As you cruise, take in sights of iconic landmarks as you lay back and feel the sea breeze play through your hair. For an evening of sailing like no other, board the Caborey with other couples to tour the sea and enjoy sunset cocktails on the deck before heading inside the ship for a classic Mexican dance and musical show, the perfect romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas.

Sensual Spa Days

When you enter a Cabo spa, you’ll enter a space of peace and tranquility. The services are based on both ancient healing practices and modern techniques for an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, one of the most sensual ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos. With your loved one, indulge in massages, invigorating scrubs, hydrotherapy circuits, and aromatherapy. For different romance styles, choose from a variety of services or even treat yourself to a massage on the beach, leaving you refreshed for a romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas.

Lounge On Lover’s Beach

Lover's Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Cabo with craggy rock formations towering over the shore and jutting out from the sea. This area is known as Land's End, where the Baja Peninsula sinks into the sea. One of the best ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos is to hire a water taxi to sail you and your partner out to this secluded shore. Bring your own shade and drinks to enjoy a day of splashing and snuggling by the sea.

Seaside Dining

A romantic dinner on the beach is a classic Cabo date. If you're staying at one of the elegant Cabo resorts, the staff there can set up a private area on the beach where the candlelight and sunset of a romantic dinner on the beach will set the mood for romance as you sip a glass of wine and enjoy quality time with your partner. If you feel like exploring more of the city, Blue Marlin Ibiza and Mango Deck are two popular spots along Medano Beach where you can sink your toes into the sand, sip a cocktail, and watch the sunset while you bite into fresh seafood before dancing the night away. Or if you are one of the lucky, you can enjoy Medano Beach from the comfort of your resort. There are a select few resorts that have direct access to this beach, and their views could be better.

Adventure and Adrenaline

If you and your partner enjoy different romance styles than the traditional candlelit dinner, get the adrenaline pumping on an outdoor adventure. Fill the days of your Cabo romantic trip with ATV rides through the desert, whale watching excursions, and camel safaris. On these dates, you’ll get to explore more of the rugged countryside and see the untouched beauty of nature, encountering exotic wildlife and marine life on the way. Sharing these experiences with your partner creates a unique bond and shared memories to look back on. After an adventurous date, you’ll be ready for that romantic dinner or luxurious spa service.

Whether you go with a classic like a romantic dinner on the beach or escape to a secluded beach, sharing these experiences with your loved one will make your Cabo trip magical. Invest in your relationship and create memories that will last a lifetime when you fill your time with these ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos.

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