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Villa la Estancia Cabo Received the Quality Seal "Punto Limpio 2020"

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 04/12/2020
Optimizada villa la estancia cabo wins the quality seal punto limpio 2020

Villa la Estancia Cabo has become the premier destination for travelers who want to relax in comfort, and seeing that the resort has earned the Punto Limpio Mexico Seal of Quality makes it even easier to unwind and feel refreshed on vacation. This national award from the Mexican Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is a safe certification given to businesses that pass a stringent list of clean point checks based on information from world health leaders. This quality seal gives travelers confidence when booking their vacations at Villa la Estancia Cabo knowing that their health and safety is a top priority.

Because it’s become an international destination for travelers, Mexico has acted quickly and consistently to implement health and sanitation clean point checks, and the Punto Limpio Mexico Seal of Quality encourages business to follow these guidelines to protect both visitors and local communities. To receive this safe certification, the entire operations of a business are checked, from the training of managers to the cleaning of outdoor spaces. Those that consistently enforce sanitation and safety protocols based on information from world health experts are given this quality seal. Seeing this safe certification gives guests confidence that their health is being prioritized.

If you’ve vacationed before at Villa la Estancia Cabo, you’ll notice a few changes this year that help protect your safety and the health of the local community. Throughout the resort, you’ll see the friendly staff wearing face masks and hand sanitizer placed at convenient locations. Signage will remind you to practice social distancing, and the capacity in dining areas will be smaller. However, there some clean point checks you may not notice, but these sanitation protocols, like the regular disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces and the freshly laundered uniforms given to staff when the arrive, have earned the resort the Punto Limpio Seal of Quality, giving you peace of mind that the resort is prioritizing your health and safety.

Disinfectant and hand sanitizer usually aren’t what you think about when planning a beach vacation, and while the staff at Villa la Estancia is working tirelessly to enforce preventive measures, you’ll still be able to relax and experience all the joys that make this a top destination. The pristine facilities and amenities of the resort invite you to slow down and breathe deeply, and during your vacation, you can fill your days with activities that get you out in the fresh air while allowing you to practice social distancing. Some of the best things to do in Cabo continue to be scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, hiking to incredible views, and ziplining in the rugged canyons around the city. Despite the enhanced attention to cleaning and sanitation, you’ll still have all the joys that make Cabo vacations a top choice for travelers.

The Punto Limpio Quality Seal recognizes the hard work that everyone at Villa la Estancia Cabo has put into protecting guests and the local community. Despite changes to the daily operations of the resort, guests still have incredible vacations and create lifelong memories while lounging by the pool and watching the sunset while enjoying a leisurely dinner. Not having to worry about health and sanitation lets you rest easy on vacation and focus more on spending time with your loved ones.

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