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Villa la Estancia Los Cabos Earns Safe Travels Stamp from the WTTC

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 03/07/2020
Villa la estancia los cabos earn wttc safe travels stamp

The list of reasons to travel to Villa la Estancia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos include the award-winning Desert Spa, spacious suites with private balconies, and the gourmet La Casona restaurant, but now, there’s one more reason to choose it from among all the other Los Cabos all inclusive resorts: the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council. Of all the awards Villa la Estancia Cabo has won, this is perhaps the most important because it recognizes all the Coronavirus safety measures the resort is implementing to fight the pandemic. With this acknowledgement, travelers can continue to trust Villa la Estancia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos to prioritize health and safety.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is a non-profit organization that works within the travel industry, ensuring seamless, safe, and sustainable travel around the world. Through research and collaboration, they promote professionalism in the industry and create jobs. However, when the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, the travel industry faced a new set of challenges. To help businesses safely resume operations, the World Travel and Tourism Council created guidelines for different areas of the industry, from car rental companies to cruise ships. They compiled lists of Coronavirus safety measures based on advice from doctors and medical experts who have been studying the disease. To recognize businesses and resorts that are consistently implementing these protocols to protect their guests and employees, the organization is awarding them with the Safe Travels Stamp, a certification that gives travelers confidence when booking their vacations.

Every day, hundreds of travelers from around the world check into Los Cabos all inclusive resorts, and because of this, it was very important for the city to shut down travel to protect the local community when the virus began to spread. Before it was officially mandated, Villa la Estancia Cabo said goodbye to its final guests and entered into quarantine. During this time, public areas were closed, and families were encouraged to stay home. Because of these early Coronavirus safety measures, the city was able to pass through the worst of the pandemic, but it’s only with a continued commitment to preventive measures that businesses and Los Cabos all inclusive resorts are allowed to reopen. 

During the quarantine, Villa la Estancia Cabo focused on researching the best practices and protocols for reopening, continuing their commitment to health and safety. When you book a vacation here, you’ll still be able to enjoy relaxing by the pool with a cold drink, dining on gourmet Mexican cuisine at sunset, and pampering yourself in the spa. However, you’ll likely notice a few changes to practices and protocols in the resort, like plexiglass dividers at reception, antibacterial hand gel throughout the resort, and limited occupancy in common spaces. There are other Coronavirus safety measures that guests might not see. When employees arrive at the resort, they’ll be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into, and every suite will undergo a disinfectant cleaning between guests. With all these measures in place, the resort has been given the Safe Travels Stamp, giving travelers the assurance that they can safely enjoy the tranquility and beauty of vacationing in Los Cabos.

Villa la Estancia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos has always been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world, and the Safe Travels Stamp shows the confidence that the travel industry has in the resort’s responsible response and safety measures. Guests have always trusted that the resort will make them feel both pampered and at home, but now with these measures in place, they can also feel assured that everything is being done to keep them safe.

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