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Beach Wedding Suits to Look Good and Feel Cool

WEDDINGS | Published on 07/11/2022
Optimizada attire for a beach wedding

Gearing up for a sun-soaked destination wedding on the sandy shores of Mexico? Well, before you grab your vintage wool suit jacket and black slacks, make sure you are familiar with the dos and don’ts of beach formal attire for weddings. A beach wedding is a magical occasion, and you won’t want to drop the ball on your good time by wearing an uncomfortable or out-of-place outfit.

Whether you are a matrimonial participant or simply a guest wondering what to wear to a wedding, we’ve compiled a straightforward guide and list of outfit ideas for everything you need to know about beach wedding suits.

Beach Wedding Suit Basics

The best attire for a wedding on the beach depends on whether the event is listed as casual, semi-formal, or formal. When it comes to beach wedding suits, the principal difference is that at the beach formal attire for weddings will require that you still wear a suit and tie whereas for a semi-formal wedding you can leave the tie and jacket at home so long as you show up with a pair of slacks and a button down shirt.

A casual wedding still entails long pants - generally speaking, shorts are a no-go even for a wedding at the beach - but your button down shirt can be short sleeved or three-quarter length sleeved.

That being said, most beach weddings end up being on the casual side. Wedding organizers want their guests to feel comfortable under the sunny skies and amidst the breezy sea air while they celebrate their friends or family members tying the knot. And no matter the formality that your wedding at the beach is listed as, opt for pastel shades such as cream or baby blue and lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton to ensure your comfort and ease.

Beach Wedding Suit Outfit ideas

Dress to kill with some of the most suave outfit ideas for a destination wedding at the beach. Your attire for a wedding is a great opportunity to show off your eye for fashion with some trendy touches. By mixing and matching these tips for what to wear to a wedding, you’ll be sure to stand out for your sense of style.

Those wanting more formal attire should consider a waistcoat. Because at the beach formal attire for weddings such as suit jackets might become too high for comfort, but a waistcoat will leave you looking refined even when you take the jacket off. Peak lapels look particularly smart if you want that extra touch of elegance. For shoes, loafers make a great shoe for the sand when you want to maintain those classy undertones.

Those attending a more casual wedding at the beach will definitely spot other attendees wearing Aloha shirts, also known as Hawaiian shirts. Why not join the fun and go for a floral patterned shirt to celebrate the special occasion and match the theme of the destination wedding? Alternatively, Cuban or Mexican Guayabera shirts are becoming increasingly popular attire for a wedding on the beach.

Off-White Weddings

More and more commonly, brides and grooms are asking their loved ones to wear a palate of whites to their wedding. This is especially popular for more formal weddings on the beach in popular destinations. If this is the case, opt for linen pants, a white button-down and tan shoes for a sophisticated and minders look. 

No matter the formality, khaki is an especially suitable color for slacks to enhance the fabrics of bride and groom and pair nicely with the coastal backdrop. Khaki pants, a button down linen shirt, and dress shoes will be sure to offer a sense of sophistication for any beach wedding.

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