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5 Ideas for Unique Experiences in Cabo San Lucas

DESTINATION | Published on 23/07/2019
Optimizada 5 ideas para experiencias  nicas en cabo san lucas

There are some Cabo activities that immediately spring to mind when you think about Cabo vacations: playing on the beach, dancing the night away, and feasting on tacos. However, some of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas are off the beaten path. Whether you’ve already experienced a variety of Cabo San Lucas activities or are looking for a different kind of vacation, try these unique Cabo attractions and adventures.

Desert Waterfall Hike

While some vacationers stick to the beaches, some of the most exciting Cabo experiences are tucked away in desert canyons. However, you don’t have to strike out on your own to discover desert waterfalls and wildlife. High Tides is one of the best Cabo excursions companies, and with them, you’ll learn about the unique ecology of the desert before splashing and diving underneath a desert waterfall. If you choose hiking as one of your Cabo San Lucas activities, make sure to take sturdy shoes, sunblock, and plenty of water.

Dine At An Organic Farm

Experiencing authentic Mexican cuisine is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, and one of the most unique Cabo activities for foodies is to visit one of the organic farm-to-table restaurants. If you are looking to go beyond the Farm to Table experience at your resort, head to a farm. At Flora Farms and Los Tamarindos, you can see the farms where dinner is grown and enjoy seasonal dishes made with both classic Mexican flavors and surprising new twists. Each farm holds special events throughout the year, and the cooking classes at the restaurants are some of the most delicious Cabo experiences, with tips and tricks to try in your own kitchen. 

The Amazing Tenors

One of the newest and bestthings to do in Cabo San Lucas is a concert with some amazing tenors: humpback whales. The Amazing Tenors tour is one of the best Cabo excursions that combines the luxuries of gourmet dining and yachting with the natural wonders of the sunset and humpback whales, beginning with a delivery to your hotel of essential oils whose combination is both soothing and aids in preventing motion sickness. Aboard the 64-foot yacht, you’ll be treated to sweeping views of the sunset and other iconic Cabo attractions, like the arch of Cabo San Lucas. Out at sea, the captain will submerge a hydrophone deep into the waters, and a love opera song between whales will play out over the boat’s speakers. The boat then turns into a floating cinema to screen a short film about the secrets of the Sea of Cortez. The last of the Cabo activities on the tour is a gastronomic concert at Tenangos, where you’ll dine on classic Mexican ingredients prepared into artistically presented entrees before returning to your hotel. 

Todos Santos

Some of the best Cabo excursions take you beyond the city limits to the pueblas further down the coast. Todos Santos is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, where tourists come to enjoy Cabo San Lucas activities in a tranquil environment. Some come to surf the best breaks along the coasts. Others fill their day wandering the cobblestone streets to visit artisans' shops and classic haciendas. At the famous Hotel California, you can grab a seat at the long wooden bar for a refreshingly cold cerveza or margarita. Rent a car to drive the scenic road, or join in on a tour with others making the most of their Cabo vacations

Swim With Sharks

Out past the arch of Cabo San Lucas, sharks are part of the marine ecosystem. Some, like the whale sharks, are gentle giants who pose no threat to humans. Snorkeling alongside them is one of the most incredible Cabo experiences, but for a more daring dive, Cabo Shark Dive will take you out to sea where blue sharks, silky sharks, mako, and smooth hammerheads roam. Learning about these often misunderstood creatures and swimming in their midst will fill you with awe and make your Cabo vacations seem surreal. 

Entering the world of sharks or exploring the desert canyons of Baja California Sur will take you beyond the usual Cabo attractions for a vacation like no other. As you watch the sunset over the arch of Cabo San Lucas at the end of your adventure, you’ll be filled with a sense of wonder and enchantment. 

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