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Whale Watching in Mexico - Locations, Dates & Prices

DESTINATION | Published on 07/03/2023
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Whether you’re into nature tourism or not, no one has ever been disappointed after seeing a giant humpback whale breach the water or watching one of these magnificent creatures swimming with her young. There is something undeniably magical and humbling about getting to see these graceful giants move through the water, and the best part is you don’t need whale-watching tours or a glass-bottomed boat to see them.

Many places in Mexico are on the yearly path for humpback whale migration which means you can be sitting on a beach during whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and see them spout water several feet in the air. All you need to know is when and where!

Whale Watching Baja Mexico

If you find yourself heading down to Cabo, check out a whale watching Baja Mexico style. While you can occasionally see whales year-round directly from your balcony facing the water, the peak season is January through March. This doesn’t mean you need to reschedule your Christmas vacation. There are still whales in December and April, but you may have better luck finding them with a whale-watching tour agency.

The boats will take you further out and captains will typically be familiar with their feeding grounds and travel routes. If you choose to schedule a tour for whale watching Baja Mexico, be sure to ask them for peak dates and times.

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Whale Watching Season in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is one of the blessed locations on the Pacific coast for highly active whale activity. While you can certainly book whale-watching tours, there are so many humpback whales from December through March, that most people will see them while enjoying coffee on the beach. Whales may show up any time of day, but they love to play around in the mornings and tend to put on a show.

This is why whale-watching tour agencies tend to book trips early, so if given the choice, stick with the morning boat rides. Whale-watching season in Puerto Vallarta Mexico begins as early as November and can run through May, so if you miss peak season, you may still have luck with a whale-watching tour agency that will take you further out into the bay in search of the magical creatures. 

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Loreto Mexico Whale Watching

The season for whales in Loreto is the same as the rest of the Pacific, focusing on winter months and running through March, April, or May. Loreto Mexico whale watching is slightly different with the dramatic rock formations, but instead treats visitors to stunning island views and unique Blue Whale sightings. It is best to select a whale-watching tour agency to get you deeper into the Sea of Cortez, which will increase your chances to view the playful beasts of the sea. As the largest animal in the world, these gentle giants are definitely a sight to see. 

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Whale Watching Tours

No matter where you visit along the Pacific coast, if it’s the right season whale watching tour agencies will be your best bet to guarantee sightings. However, if viewing the humpbacks and their young is more icing on the cake rather than a goal for your vacation, you can sit on the beach in Baja, Puerto Vallarta, or Loreto Mexico whale watching in the mornings or mid-afternoons and often enjoy a show. 

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