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Published on 07/11/2018

Top 5 Luxurious Things to Do in Los Cabos

Top Luxurious Things To Do In Los Cabos

When it comes to hotels, restaurants, and things to do in Los Cabos, the city is known for luxury. With soft sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, and sumptuous all-inclusive resorts, it’s clear why visitors come for the chance to indulge in Cabo luxury activities. To feel completely pampered and treated like royalty, try these top five luxury things to do in Los Cabos on your next vacation.

Nothing says glamor and decadence like a cruise on a yacht. Since water activities are the favorite things to do in Cabo, do them in style. There are several top luxury things to do in Los Cabos when you charter a private boat that can take you to all the popular sites around the city. These vessels are usually equipped with paddleboards, kayaks, or other water sports for a day of play and relaxation out on the water. With a full kitchen onboard, the boat’s chef can prepare a gourmet meal for you as you cruise at sunset. Enjoy all these Cabo luxury activities with the speed, glamor, and privacy of your own yacht.

A classic treat when it comes to top luxury things to do in Los Cabos is a day at the spa to experience bliss in a tranquil environment. Los Cabos is home to some of the largest and most sumptuous spas in the country where you can receive expert treatments that combine traditions of wellness with modern techniques, making this one of the top Cabo luxury activities to indulge in. One of the best things to do in Cabo if you visit a spa is to have your massage performed on the beach, where the lapping of the waves will help you drift off to paradise.

For a simple yet luxurious evening, enjoy the stunning beauty of the sky changing colors over the water from the balcony of your penthouse suite. Reserving a penthouse suite is by far one of the best ways to turn your Cabo vacation into a luxurious one. From the spacious terrace of your penthouse, you’ll not only have time to watch the sun as it dips down at night in Los Cabos, but you can also sip on a flavorful cocktail, entertain guests, or simply indulge in the luxuriant surroundings. Instead of packing your day with high-energy activities and never taking time to relax, slowing down to just watch the scenery is one of the things you must do in Los Cabos. Whether you do it with a traditional Mexican margarita or a foreign favorite in hand, alone or with friends, one night or every night, this is one of the best things to do in Cabo at the end of each day. Unwind from exploring the city and adventuring on the sea with an evening of Cabo luxury and quiet conversation in front of a unparalleled view.

One of the favorite things to do in Cabo for people of all ages is to swim with dolphins. For many, this is a dream come true in paradise. Being by the sea, there are several tour companies in town who offer you the opportunity to try one of the things you must do in Los Cabos. For true Cabo luxury, choose a package that gives you the most opportunity to swim freely with them for an experience you’ll never forget.

Another of the best things to do in Cabo is explore the great outdoors, and for a truly luxurious experience that you can’t find anywhere else, take in the sights from the back of a camel on a Cabo safari. Feel like a prince or princess as you ride along the beach and feel the fresh breeze. Enjoy an authentic Mexican lunch on the safari before kissing your camel goodbye. The uniqueness of this tour with Cabo Adventures makes it one of the favorite things to do in Cabo for people of all ages.

Of all the things you must do in Los Cabos, indulging in Cabo luxury is at the top. From the tranquil spa to the high sea, treat yourself and do the classic Cabo activities in style on vacation. Enjoy these top five luxury things to do in Los Cabos for the trip of a lifetime.